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Linkshare Pay out for 2013

Posted in : advertisement, website on by : TruXter

Linkshare Pay out for 2013
So, you have stumbled into Linkshare aka Rakuten as an alternative advertisement affiliate to Google Adsense.
You see that Linkshare has a large selection of well known companies to advertise with. and it now makes your website look official,


Joomla Bluestork Built in Virus

Posted in : virus, Web Design, webdesign, website on by : TruXter

My website got shut down by my webhost. They told me there was a virus on my website and told me to upload a safe copy of the website..
Well I don’t have a copy of my website. They have a copy of my website.
but. I couldn’t do anything. SO I downloaded the whole website via FTP. and decided to locate the joomla files the webhost said may be compromised.
Yep. Sure enough.


Do People post Comments on your site?

Posted in : website on by : TruXter

I have always known that comments are a direct reflection of number of readers. And well if this site is 6 years old and has so few comments and thousands of pageviews a day, while that other site is 3 months old and has no page rank or any usable Alexa rank, I can only assume they are making their own comments on their website under hundreds of user names. What would be the best outcome?