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Latest Build Your Own Budget Computer

Posted in : computer on by : TruXter

Build a budget computer for cheap and easy with a low budget.Today’s build your computer special is across Fry’s and Compusa and Tiger Direct. I did the computer parts prices a bit higher saying “under” for a reason. I didn’t feel like doing the math for everything so I estimated the tax cost on most items. so go ahead and use my totals to get a ball park figure of what this computer will cost you. The main purpose of a computer build like this one is for a media center. Or I would have chunked in a DVD drive instead of the blue ray. I saw the blue ray player and price hunted to make the entertainment center computer work


Precautions For Building Computers

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Use lots of overhead light. Once you have all the parts together, find a flat, smooth, clean, static-free surface. Make sure your clothes are not…