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TruXter’s Custom Computers

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Considering taking some of the custom cases I have made over the past few months up to the local auto body shop and getting them powder coated and getting some bedliner sprayed inside to deaden the fan noises.
then running around the state locating the best deals on good computer parts and building up 5 gaming computers and selling them off to the public.


Low Cost Barebone from Compusa

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All of that for $199 before tax.
Computer case, motherboard memory and processor with AMD quad core cpu, dvd burner. Everything a barebone system needs. Now all you need is an operating system. If you check my previous build your own budget computers, you will see that I have listed many inexpensive operating systems.


Latest Build Your Own Budget Computer

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Build a budget computer for cheap and easy with a low budget.Today’s build your computer special is across Fry’s and Compusa and Tiger Direct. I did the computer parts prices a bit higher saying “under” for a reason. I didn’t feel like doing the math for everything so I estimated the tax cost on most items. so go ahead and use my totals to get a ball park figure of what this computer will cost you. The main purpose of a computer build like this one is for a media center. Or I would have chunked in a DVD drive instead of the blue ray. I saw the blue ray player and price hunted to make the entertainment center computer work