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TruXter’s Custom Computers

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TruXter’s Custom Computers

Posted in : computer, gaming, gaming computer on by : TruXter

Considering taking some of the custom cases I have made over the past few months up to the local auto body shop and getting them powder coated and getting some bedliner sprayed inside to deaden the fan noises.
then running around the state locating the best deals on good computer parts and building up 5  gaming computers and selling them off to the public.
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I would most likely do side by side comparison computers . AMD processor with Crossfire ATI video cards  vs Intel with Nvidia SLI Video cards of equal quality and clocks.


Then of course the mishmash of AMD processor and Nvidia Video card vs Intel with ATI video card.

and maybe one SLI/Crosfire  of which ever is the fastest with which ever processor AMD or intel. Nothing under six cores.

Also have a benchmark below each computer and show the process of how I bench-marked them and screen shots and a handful of pictures

The idea would be to build the ULTIMATE GAMING BUDGET COMPUTER, get the best I can get for low price and make the computers look unique and have excellent ventilation with as many additional features as possible and maintain a budget.

Of course their will be assembly fees and shipping fees. possibly a couple competitions to win one of the computers (the ultimate of the ultimates). take the money gained and make one more computer but call it “the budget beast” and see how well it takes off.