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Kinect Idea first person shooter Virtual reality

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Kinect Idea first person shooter Virtual reality

Posted in : game, gaming, video game on by : TruXter

Okay.. Picture this .

You are in a six square acre room with sensors all over the place, you put on your laser-tag chest-plate, both of your virtual reality gloves with your PSvita strapped on your back between your shoulder blades, you put your helmet on with Kinect modified to snap to both sides. You grab your old nintendo duck hunt gun, and strap on a new version of your old Virtual reality glasses. and your best surround sound head phones. and fanny pack full of batteries that recharge based on leg movement. your wireless Wii-remote (for a dagger or a whip) at your hip.

A timer goes off and an entire setting rolls across your glasses. a Virtual reality battlefield. you move left, the setting in your glasses moves precisely with you. You jump up, your video appears you are jumping.

Every time you reload your gun, you are actually just changing batteries.

100s of scenarios previously installed. Multi-player mode or single player training mode. Maybe some terrain alterations such as hills and things.

And to top it off, online version also, so the champs of one Virtual First person Shooter capture the flag or king of the kill or bomb defusal can go against the champs of another location. Possibly in china,Arizona,Germany or anywhere.

This is a sport I would love to watch. This is a sport I would participate in.
It could even get perfected with help of the military for military training.
Cowboys and Indians mode???

this takes paintball, laser-tag, call of duty and every other first person shooter adventure every boy has played since he was a child and brings it to a new level.
And this is the downside