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Top Selling Mobile Devices and Tablet 2012

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Top Selling Mobile Devices and Tablet 2012

Posted in : computer, Mobile Devices on by : TruXter

This day and age, we are seeing lots of companies talk about how everyone is moving to high end mobile devices. Devices they are talking are items like portable tablets, large screen phones and ebook readers.
We are seeing statistics saying that millions of people are now using either an ipad a nook or any of the hundreds of android tablets to do all of the common computing of today.

According to Huffington post The Top selling Tablets are as listed

Apple Inc., maker of the iPad, 17 million shipped worldwide, 69.6 percent share

Samsung Electronics Co., maker of Galaxy line, 2.3 million, 9.2 percent.

Amazon.com Inc., maker of Kindle Fire, 1 million, 4.2 percent

AsusTek Computer Inc., maker of Transformer line, 688,000, 2.8 percent

Barnes & Noble Inc., maker of Nook Tablet, 459,000, 1.9 percent

Meanwhile the top 12 mobile Devices are (according to Tech Spot)

Apple iPad
(3rd gen)
Asus Transformer Prime
Toshiba Excite 10 LE
Amazon Kindle Fire
Samsung Galaxy 10.1
Sony Tablet S
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
Apple iPad 2
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Asus Transformer
Infinity 700
Asus PadFone

This one may be more correct . I say this due to the traffic I see on my site.

I find it sad that the blackberry Playbook didn’t do so well. It’s a beautifully designed tablet. From plastic outerware, to inner hardware to operating system. The playbook had high potential. but of course Blackberry being the strong hold of quality may have held too high of a price while there are so many other options of Tablets and Hybrid Laptops.

I myself will aim for budget, then aim for processing power. Then design. In that exact order. I can’t see myself shopping for high price and assuming that means the electronic equipment will meet my needs.
Good luck in shopping.