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Why Microsoft is Heading to windows 8 Direction

Posted in : computer, operating system, windows on by : TruXter

Now if Microsoft can get rid of the typo issue of touch screen keyboards, and somehow reinventing the scroll wheel function of a mouse on a touch screen monitor, then they have a fighting chance. My issue is the design software I use would be murder on a touch screen without a scroll wheel and a the third button function of a scroll wheel on a mouse


Top Selling Mobile Devices and Tablet 2012

Posted in : computer, Mobile Devices on by : TruXter

This day and age, we are seeing lots of companies talk about how everyone is moving to high end mobile devices. Devices they are talking are items like portable tablets, large screen phones and ebook readers.
We are seeing statistics saying that millions of people are now using either an ipad a nook or any of the hundreds of android tablets to do all of the common computing of today.