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Why Microsoft is pushing windows 8

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Why Microsoft is pushing windows 8

Posted in : cell phone, cellphone, computer, computer upgrade on by : TruXter

Though the world would like to use windows 7 and continue running their computers the way they are used to , and continue being familiar with their desktops and computing atmosphere.

Microsoft will not let that be the option. they will pay all of the cnets and zdnets and mashables and verges to do reviews that say how fantastic some stupid function is.. like siri and it’s ability to misspell on apple products (dif company same tactics) . Bad pr is still pr.
They will make you want that one stupid tiny function so bad, you will settle for the assream the rest of the o/s has.. and it will be so idiotic, like mine sweep will have purple background… or something useless.

Why does Microsoft want to go this route? Why does Microsoft want to go the “apps’ route and touch screen and big puffy buttons?

because the apple and Microsoft court case where Microsoft had to prove they were not ripping off apple, and Microsoft was just a software company.. not a computer company. so the courts forced Microsoft to agree to never make computers.

Now Microsoft is in the telephone and tablet business.
When they bought Nokia, they confirmed it.
because they aren’t computers. They can’t make computers.. but they can make tablets.
as long as they don’t call them computers.

but this is just Microsoft rolling back to the windows 3.01 look. Minus Program manager.

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