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Why Microsoft is Heading to windows 8 Direction

Posted in : computer, operating system, windows on by : TruXter

Now if Microsoft can get rid of the typo issue of touch screen keyboards, and somehow reinventing the scroll wheel function of a mouse on a touch screen monitor, then they have a fighting chance. My issue is the design software I use would be murder on a touch screen without a scroll wheel and a the third button function of a scroll wheel on a mouse


What is Windows 8

Posted in : operating system, software on by : TruXter

Windows 8 is an operating system that is the beginning and the open door to a future of apps based entertainment. The bandwidth using type of apps. Apps that half of the software is instal;ed on your computer while the rest of the “program” is served in the cloud (on multiple servers, functioning sort of like how Kazaa worked. Sort of how a torrent worked. but not really.