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So… What is Cryptolocker? Cryptolocker is like all ransomware of the past. In fact it looks just like antivirus 2012 except. Cryptolocker comes right out and says “hey we locked down your file, pay us and we will unlock your file, if you do not pay us, we will delete the password that we have on file for you file and you pretty well screwed forever”.


Registry Cleaners and Memory Software

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Why do people download this stuff?
Ok I took a test drive of a few “computer Tweaker ” programs that have been well voted for on Cnet and ZDnet. They all were easy to locate, and I saw that thousands and millions have downloaded these. I organized first by number of downloads, and by most votes. I then organized by highest vote score. all three times, these three programs came up in the top. So I decided they where the best options of this test.