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Site Submission Links

Posted in : SEO on by : Tech Review Man

I always look for ways to gain more page rank and get help from other sites. Usually by trying to find sites that will link back to me. but in doing so, I have to make sure the message on the page I am wanting a link back from, is a valid site and they have clean content and the content with in the page you are on, is related to my content on my website. So I found a hand full of good sites that let me submit a description of my website, and a link back to my website from theirs. The link submission sites in this list are exactly that. Good, free and really easy to use so that I can make the page content exactly what I want.
so if you are looking for link submission websites, here is a nice list of sites to submit to. These are all really good links.

Link PR Alexa Notes
http://www.xhii.com/ 4.00 43500.00
http://www.txtlinks.com/ 3.00 25000.00
http://www.somuch.com/AddSite/SubmitMain.asp 5.00 14055.00
http://www.jayde.com/ 4.00 4699.00
http://viesearch.com/ 4.00 9490.00
http://www.mywebspider.com/ 3.00 520000.00
http://www.ondir.com 0.00 229000.00
http://freewebsubmission.com/ 6.00 6696.00
http://www.abacusdirectory.com 3.00 212956.00
http://www.allnicesites.com 2.00 43158.00
http://www.addyourlnksnow.com 3.00 46736.00
http://www.linkaddurl.com 4.00 19368.00
http://www.directoryocean.com 4.00 41034.00
http://www.azkulseo.com/ 2.00 38031.00
http://www.dir-submitter.info/ 1.00 46436.00
http://www.deeplinksforfree.com 0.00 82491.00 Deep Linking Allowed
http://www.websitesubmissiondirectory.info/ 0.00 84070.00 DEEP Linking Allowed
http://localcompanydirectory.com 0.00 89088.00 deep Linking Allowed
http://www.linkmana.com/ 0.00 90142.00 deep Linking Allowed
http://www.1websdirectory.com 3.00 28435.00 Deep Linking Allowed
http://www.websmartads.com 0.00 60536.00 Deep Linking Allowed

http://www.addaurl.co.in/ – 4PR
http://www.addaurl.org/ – 4PR
http://www.bestdirectory.co.in/ – 4PR
http://www.fastlisting.org/ – 4PR
http://www.fastlisting.net/ – 4PR
http://www.freedirectorysubmission.in/ – 4PR
http://www.freesubmission.co.in/ – 4PR
http://www.free-listing.org/ – 4PR
http://www.icfmt.org/ – 4PR
http://www.listurl.co.in/ – 4PR
http://www.topdirectory.co.in/ – 4PR
http://www.aogd2011.com/ 1PR
http://www.trauma2011.in/ 3 PR

Not the best tool but here. Site submission tool.