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Dear MSNBC News Site

Posted in : interne safety, internet on by : TruXter

I was at MSNBC’s website earlier today, and came into something that really upset me. It’s that stupid pop up thing that they have on their articles. You get like 7 seconds into reading the article and boop, this stupid thing pops up into your face trying to get you to agree to something.. What ever it is. Who reads that? We all look for the “not right now” or “close” or “no thank you” option and move on to the article we were reading. Don’t we?


Gawker sends out Breach Notice

Posted in : interne safety, internet, internet safety, safety, security on by : TruXter

It seems during the period of time that all of the internet is flipping upside down from hackers, attackers and ddos assaults Gawkers has been compromised. Passwords have been stolen and account information has been stolen. Here is a letter I recieved from Gawker.


New Nigeria/Russia Hoax Scam

Posted in : interne safety on by : Game News Example of a “Russian Connection” email Good Day, I am Andrei Raz***hov, I have a business brief which might interest you on the instruction…