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Are Google Ads Safe To Click

Posted in : advertisement, internet safety, internet security on by : TruXter

Try it for yourself. Most of the sites you find in google advertisements are reputable sites. If you have no idea who they are, check the company name at ripoff report, search bbb (Better Business Bureau). Try it with other advertisers also. You will be very satisfied with the results you find in Google advertisements.


New Nigeria/Russia Hoax Scam

Posted in : interne safety on by : Game News

http://www.emsisoft.com/en/kb/articles/ticker091112/ Example of a “Russian Connection” email Good Day, I am Andrei Raz***hov, I have a business brief which might interest you on the instruction…


Reasons not to Aprove the H.R.6123

Posted in : internet, internet law, law, safety, security, social network, tech on by : Tech News

H.R.6123 is not a good choice, it’s described by it’s best side, but hides it’s Communist undertone.