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So There is an Anti Facebook Hype

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So There is an Anti Facebook Hype

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Mashable blog request you leave Facebook.

Really? Everyone is shunning Facebook and bashing it? You are throwing a tantrum because the owners of Facebook are making this “Social Network” a tad bit closer to actually being social? You people are getting really pathetic. The same in crowd hipster doofuses that like to bring things up and break it down because you already used it so now it’s not cool …. douchebags.

Sorry to say it but you are being unreal. I hate facebook because their functionality is complete utter garbage. I am not throwing a tantrum about how they are making their social site actually become social. In fact I have forever hated the fact that people call it a social network yet you can’t meet someone. They have to know you before they can add you. There is nothing social about that.

So My only conclusion is that you people are being complete total hipster wannabes with huge antisocial-subconscious wanting to further recluse and separate yourself from the world even further. You clearly are not the early adapter first gen of the tech world who of course jumped on Facebook the moment it opened to the public. Those people are gone or have learned to accept it for what it was and just opened their profile to the public manually.

You are the same group that made a huge move for Myspace to lock the children separate from the adults. But said nothing when the games on Myspace came out and the kids wanted more game buddies so they opened their profiles and started adding all of the dirty old farts in greasy neck shirts, just because they want one more person in their mafia farming their vampires or what ever. Luckily Myspace consumed it’s ownself by releasing those games and making the adults get sick and leave the place. Now the only thing there is the kids who play the games and the trash hunting them.

If you shut up and stop drawing attention to Facebook, it will consume it’s self next, they are bringing in all the same games.

How about you go after that video chat that requests you to talk to strangers? Make a movement that is worth something. You geeks are just bashing for a current trend. Trendy geeks, I have no other defining words for you.. Well I do but hey.

You enjoy your rally of nothingness.

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