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The Real Post about the Face Book Spider Bite scam video

Before going into this, please update your virus scanners now. If you do not have a virus scanner, I have a list of virus scanners below, all of them are free.

Okay back to fixing your facebook photo tagging virus issue.

Hackers Exploit Facebook Photo Tagging to reach more Victims. People are calling this scam the “Facebook Phototag Virus”.

The hacker or virus compromises someone’s Facebook account and then tags their friend’s names into photographs. All of their friends, and then at the footer of the picture is a link to the virus that compromises the account. This makes every single one of the friends of each person tagged, the next person to likely click the link. This of course would lead to hundreds of people per second likely to get this virus through feeling safe on Facebook, and being curious of this post from their friend.

facebook photo tag virus

bunch of tagged names in facebook

Here is another method of using the photo tag to spread the virus

Turn off tagging

facebook virus takes a 180
by using the same method above.
The very second you see one of your Friends or yourself tagged in a photo like that, report the picture as a scam. (it’s on the lower left of the page) and then msg your friend to change their password. Facebook will remove it and kill that link from their site.
Go into your privacy setting, click on Customize

Scroll down and disable these

Include me in “People Here Now” after I check in
Photos and videos you’re tagged in
Suggest photos of me to friends
Friends can check me in to Places

Privacy settings

facebook photo tagging suggestion disable

tagged photos

The old school Users of the internet have known since the start of TINY URL not to click a masked link. But it seems we have a whole new breed of suckers who think no one is out to be violent. Welcome to the real world Facebookers. Hey, it’s ok, we old schoolers fell for this stuff 10-15 years ago also.. In chatrooms and before that bulletin boards and before that, email. It happens with every sort of social interaction online. And every time it changes, the attack changes.
If anyone wants to add to this, feel free to comment below, any other tips than just my own, would be nice.
If anyone knows a good virus scanner, malware scanner post below. I can shoot a list like
*Spybot Search and Destroy
*CA Internet Security < — my favorite internet security software
I have embedded a free online virus scanner on one of my pages for this but forgot to link it. It’s not too bad of a scanner either. It used to be called A-Squared until Emsisoft bought them out. And I think some German company got into them. The online virus scanner is more up to date than the downloaded scanner. and yes the downloaded virus scanner is free also.

Here is an old post I made a year or two ago about free virus scanners . all of these are free.

Be sure and scan your computer and then go back to facebook and change your password. or change your password from a safe virus free computer while you scan yours. If that is possible. Just no point in changing passwords if the intrude is still present.

For now Facebook is disabling commenting on posts, with links. So you can only share this directly to your own page or on the wall as a starter on your effected friend or in instant messenger. It will show until you hit refresh. Also as an act of fighting the photo tag virus, Facebook is crashing the images as the come up. “image not available”. until the scammers find a new image and message macro.

The latest one is called “My Top 10 Stalkers”. Same junk, same stupid story.
Please turn off photo tagging for yourself so the virus quits tagging you in photos.. Just do it!

**update 2.0**
Please repost this on your facebook account for the morons who are far too curious for their own good.

FYI, the girl did not kill herself on cam. She did not kill herself. She is not dead. The link is a virus. Simple enough for ya ?

That one is for the latest virus.
**update 2.0**

And now Facebook has a compatibility tagging that looks just like the virus, to show which of your friends you are most compatible with. Great.

The Real Post about the Face Book Spider Bite scam video

2 thoughts on “Hackers Exploit Facebook Tagging to reach more Victims

  1. TruXter says:

    Share this to anyone you think needs it. My goal is to let everyone know how to stop this.


  2. TruXter says:

    If this is a protest to facebook. Cool. Great impression you made on the public.. but as we see how many times this page has been read and still no notice from facebook telling us how to prevent the issue from effecting us till it gets resolved. This is a plain simple proof that facebook is not out to please or protect their users. Facebook is all about getting their ads paid for and people clicking the ads on their site. That is all, and we can clearly see that facebook is full of half wit coders who have no idea how to stop this.
    If you check any of the major websites, you see no one reporting this or talking about it.
    Which tells me that mashable is in facebook’s pocket, zdnet is in facebook’s pocket, cnet is in facebook’s pocket… Hasically any big name site that is not reporting this, is clearly a website that is sponsored by facebook and they are scared of rocking the boat.
    So…. how did facebook get famous?



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