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Hackers Exploit Facebook Tagging to reach more Victims

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  9. Hackers Exploit Facebook Tagging to reach more Victims

2 thoughts on Hackers Exploit Facebook Tagging to reach more Victims

  • TruXter 2011/04/13

    Share this to anyone you think needs it. My goal is to let everyone know how to stop this.


  • TruXter 2011/04/20

    If this is a protest to facebook. Cool. Great impression you made on the public.. but as we see how many times this page has been read and still no notice from facebook telling us how to prevent the issue from effecting us till it gets resolved. This is a plain simple proof that facebook is not out to please or protect their users. Facebook is all about getting their ads paid for and people clicking the ads on their site. That is all, and we can clearly see that facebook is full of half wit coders who have no idea how to stop this.
    If you check any of the major websites, you see no one reporting this or talking about it.
    Which tells me that mashable is in facebook’s pocket, zdnet is in facebook’s pocket, cnet is in facebook’s pocket… Hasically any big name site that is not reporting this, is clearly a website that is sponsored by facebook and they are scared of rocking the boat.
    So…. how did facebook get famous?



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