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Personal Budget Software

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2 thoughts on Personal Budget Software

  • Kevin Khantzis 2010/05/30

    Thank you for the fair and honest review. I will definitely look into the recommendations and look forward to reviewing any other comments left by your visitors.

    In addition to your review here are the key features to the program.


    * -Step by Step Program Wizard to guide you through setup and use

    * -Spread Sheet like functionality

    * -Works if you get paid every other week, twice a month or once a month

    * -Keeps track of monthly bills (Rent, Utilities, Cell Phone)

    * -Keeps track of Loans, Credit Cards, Student Loans, Car Loans or any other kind of debt

    * -Includes budgeting for annual expenses (one time only events like vacations or recurring ones like holidays)

    * -Shows how far over or under your budget goals you are

    * -Displays a 6 Month heads up Calendar View and a 5 Year Debt / Savings Time Line that displays approximately how long its going to take you to pay off your debt or reach a savings goal

    * -Calculates by taking the disposable income for each month and applying that to your debt or savings

    * -Set an optional password for when the program is opening

    Thank you

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