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Why Was Windows 10 Free?

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Why Was Windows 10 Free?

Posted in : apps, microsoft, operating system, software, windows, Windows 10 on by : TruXter

whyiswindows10freeWhy was Windows 10 Free? Why did they give us a free Windows operating system?
Well if you are skeptical like any person who has been duped into a service for longer than they’d like, you’d compare it to a drug dealer at a school giving kids a free sample. because a return customer is always right around the corner.
Look at the free windows 10 as a migration towards reoccurring revenue. If you are just renting the operating system, and just renting the apps, and renting the storage space (cloud) you will have no option but to stay because you’d be kind of stuck.
Once you’ve made a few payments, you’re already invested in this thing that will never pay off. Kinda like reddit Karma. Or world of warcraft addiction. You paid to play, you play because you paid, your score went up you got cool additional stuff for being so invested. Now you have higher score may as well pay to keep your game going, oh look! … an expansion pack, but damn I have to upgrade my tiny little service because it isn’t compatible and people will think I’m cheap.

Meanwhile you will be hogging down bandwidth and your isp will force you to pay more for larger cap.

Now you’re really $%^&ing invested. but you’ll buy a windows phone because it lets you sync your nifty gif making apps with your phone now. Well, it is all apps and cloud based. So you have to up that bandwidth level too.
Now you are super $%^&ing invested.
Now Microsoft made their “scary announcement” today. “This is the last Window Ever” (here on forbes). Then tell you it isn’t over just going to be “different” meaning more like a pay-to-play operating system.

Software makers will get more out of their leases for rights to design items for Microsoft, but instead of paying up front, Microsoft will take it out of each payment from every windows user who uses the purchased APPS. that’s right, apps. Cloud based programs that you can’t use if your internet goes down.

Here’s something I posted up about 5 years ago on the topic telling people it would be like this soon. Yeah the responses I got were pretty hateful.

Microsoft Moving us to the Cloud


Sure some people could enjoy it, but not everyone. Let’s make it a choice please. Just have two brand new Microsoft operating systems at a time. The one made by Microsoft and sold to the public, and the open source one.

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