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How To Use Control Panel Windows 10

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How To Use Control Panel Windows 10

Posted in : computer, how, how to, howto, windows, windows10 on by : TruXter

Took a while to locate control panel on windows 10.
Found it.
Found that “settings” thing but that seems useless for what I need to do.
For those of you who want to get your control panel back, what you can do is either of two things.  You can navigate to the system32 folder and look for control.exe right click and add to start or add to taskbar or you can right click and create shortcut and move that to the desktop

Or you can cut out the searching and create a shortcut right there on desktop without digging through your folders and files.
Like this

Right click desktop and select “Create Shortcut”

Target= C:\Windows\System32\control.exe

Start in= C:\WINDOWS\system32

After that I just open control panel and change to small icons. This way I get all of my old control panel icons back like  they have always been since windows 95.

Or you can bring your mouse over the start button. right click and in that menu you will find control panel.

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