Java 8 not compatible with Windows Xp

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Java 8 not compatible with Windows Xp

Posted in : current event, news on by : TruXter

Xp users, your days are numbered.
You will soon be finding more and more software not working with your computer.
This being said, I have to say the most taboo statement in computer Tech world…. Probably a good idea to stop doing updates to items on your Xp computer.
Java 8 installation now tells you that is no longer compatible with your operating system but still says “if you wanna try it go ahead, don’t blame us though” in a round about way.
To be exact:
Java 8 requires a newer version of Windows. You may continue with the installation, but for Java to work as specified we recommend upgrading your operating system. Please refer to

Something tells me it will be just a year or two before we start getting this notice on windows vista and windows 7.

One thought on "Java 8 not compatible with Windows Xp"

  • hoang 2016/08/15

    ko cai dc java


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