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How To Change Notepad ++ Spellcheck Language

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How To Change Notepad ++ Spellcheck Language

Posted in : how to, howto on by : TruXter

Got sick of Notepad Plus Plus telling me there is a spelling issue with the word “color” and telling me that “colour” is the better option. I selected English and couldn’t find how to select which version of English spelling.
When designing websites, the word “color” comes up quite often.
So seeing that stupid squiggly line under.
So I started digging around in the settings. Just I could not find the setting for the spell checker to select between British English and American English.

Click on “Plugins”

Click on DSpellcheck Then Click on Settings


At midway where it says “Language” click the drop down menu on the right and select the language you need.
If it is not listed then click on the button that says “Download Dictionaries”
And that should take you to


Now you just use the checkboxes to select the languages you want in your dictionaries.


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