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Search Engine Indexing

Posted in : review, SEO, Web Design, webdesign, website on by : Tips Of Tech

Getting your website into search engines such as Google or Bing, is not very complicated. As long as you build your website without stupid cheesy tricks. You know what cheesy is and you know what is a stupid trick. You know that most of the junk you want to put on your wesbite, a 5 year old can see through them. So don’t do it. Just be informative, build clean and be interesting.


Is Google Sniper a Scam ?

Posted in : income, internet, SEO on by : TruXter

What you can see is the people Saying positive stuff about Google sniper, sell nothing, but show you how to buy Google sniper. Meanwhile the thing that Google sniper is selling you is ways to put your product out there so you can sell it. If they have no products, then, why do they need Google Sniper? Let alone Google Sniper 2.