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How to Get Traffic to your website FREE

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How to Get Traffic to your website FREE

Posted in : SEO, Web Design, webdesign, website, windows on by : Tips Of Tech

There is no single post that teaches you to get more traffic. I have multiple pages that explain search engine optimization, Google index and link submissions. The intention is to help you build a better website, gain traffic, and be listed correctly in Google to help you gain traffic, and reduce people who just like to call every page on their website, what ever it is that gets them traffic, while not related to the search terms at all.

We all want to know How to Get Traffic to your website FREE. I know I do. I always look for ways to Get Traffic to my website. be it cheap or free, or anything that doesn’t cost me much.
So over the years I have picked up a few ideas and tips. Most of the Webmaster Search engine optimization knowledge, I got straight from Google. Google’s guidelines are what showed me how to properly index my website in Google and get listed with other websites for specific correct categories.
I have also come up with tricks or shortcuts that cut out all of the webdesign chaos that we normally have to face when we want people to find our websites. All of these tricks, I have posted them on the web so that I can help others get their site seen and yo get traffic to their websites, and to make sure the internet is not so messy anymore.

Here is a list of previous posts on the topic of  getting rank to your website.

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Main thing you need to know about getting traffic to your website, is make sure your content is something that a lot of people will want to read about, purchase, search for.  If you are building a website for teaching puppies how to do tricks, you will have more traffic on your website than some guy who is teaching how to properly sort flea shampoos at Wal~mart. obvious which one will be searched more.

This is not all there is to Webdesign. Not by a long shot. It is great to have good graphics on your website.So good knowledge of graphics design is a good thing. Good content and well worded descriptions of your content. You must have pictures for everything you are selling or giving away. People like pictures. They like pictures a lot. If you do not stick to at least the basic rules, you will not make it to the full 12 second attention window that people have, if they can even find you.
Seo is a fun game, when you get into understanding how you can get rank and get your website seen and how to work on indexing your website with Google and other search engines.

On another lower note, for all of the SEO and web-designers who build for other people. This link powweb try it and look at the cost, to show thanks please note that you got that link from me, I will get a discount on my next payment. Look. The first two years are an amazing cost, and each follow up is pretty typical, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts. So, thank me with saying you got the link from here.

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  • Larry 2012/04/02

    I did not find your name, but thank you for validating my suspicions.
    I have recently posted my blog and I have already be a sucker to the tune of over $6K.
    What you freely state here make sense for solid long term web sites.

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