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Anonymous Retaliation to Megaupload, or is it much more

Posted in : news, tech, Tech News, web on by : Tech News

Could this be what they are doing? Could Anonymous really have a logical motive other than spoiled pirate brats, who just want free stuff? I like to think so.
I would like to think they are willing to pay to sit a theater with amazing sound and a massive screen. If the quality of movies was worth the fee. Until the movie industry stop producing mind numbingly stupid movies, they will continue to lose people who are not willing to pay to see the movies they produce. and this might mean, not seeing the movie at all.


Firefox 5 out now

Posted in : web on by : TruXter

firefox web browser out now.The firefox web browser is the latest and current longest running web browser by mozilla as of now. The firefox web browser now has just as much competition as the mozilla browser had back in the day when mozilla was the best alternative web browser.