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Anonymous Retaliation to Megaupload, or is it much more

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  11. Anonymous Retaliation to Megaupload, or is it much more

Anonymous Retaliation to Megaupload, or is it much more

Posted in : news, tech, Tech News, web on by : Tech News

Yesterday, The Hactivist group Anonymous, took after a large selection of government groups and lawmakers, after site Megaupload owners had been arrested and gathered.

There are videos showing the team from Megaupload, in lines arrested. In one news video, you see someone’s possessions being impounded.

Is this a reaction to Megaupload site owners being arrested, or is this something else?

If you have been watching the whole thing unravel and splatter about, you would know that what happened yesterday and is happening for the rest of this month, is because law enforcement and law makers are actually arresting people for breaking a law that does not exist, because it was fought by the masses, and the means that the officials are using to extradite the “law breakers” is by using a law that was fought and shelved 5 years ago. You can’t prosecute someone for breaking a law that is not a law in their country, if the breaking of your law happened while they were not in your country. Otherwise a large section of the planet will be buried to their neck and have stones chunked at their heads. You can not force your law in a place that does not want that law. Yet….. It is still happening. It says quite a bit about how this country really is.

Could this be what they are doing? Could Anonymous really have a logical motive other than spoiled pirate brats, who just want free stuff? I like to think so. Mega upload is a fast server, and is used to more than pirating. And the site owners should not be held responsible for not being able to keep up with millions of users. That’s one of the things we fought sopa for.
I would like to think they are willing to pay to sit a theater with amazing sound and a massive screen.Rather than download some shotty video made with a camcorder in a theater. If the quality of movies was worth the fee. Until the movie industry stop producing mind numbingly stupid movies, they will continue to lose people who are not willing to pay to see the movies they produce. and this might mean, not seeing the movie at all.