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What is a good webhosting service?

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  33. What is a good webhosting service?

What is a good webhosting service?

Posted in : interest, interface, internet, make money online, musician site, php, search, server, service, services, support, Tech News, web, Web Design, webdesign on by : TruXter

I’m happy with my current host, and about to recommend a friend there.
but i am wondering what company gives the least amount of frustration?

I do plan to use php and mysql while working on their site for them.
so please any and all information is good.
Should I get justhost? all the sites say it’s great, but all the blogs and forums say it’s only a year old and a rip off. but i do not know. what do you think of justhost,bluehost,powweb ?
something other?
comments section is wide open you do not have to create an account to comment.

like this site says they are wonderful (read closely)
and they teach you how to search the internet to see if they “suck”
but I tried to search for something else
I found this when I searched “Scam”

Of course I found this when I followed their rules

But then again, we are talking about a tech community. Techies do pick and peck at all details, especially when worrying about income and monetizing the internet’s activity.

So people, tell what is good
Bang for buck, what is the best hosting plan
I personally Like Powweb, They seem to have the lowest cost and most options.