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Mc Hammer and Wiredoo

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Mc Hammer and Wiredoo

Posted in : search, search engine, web, Web Design, website on by : TruXter

The logo on Wiredoo Site

The logo on Wiredoo's Site

You have to give it up for MC Hammer (man I have no idea what his real name is), for his effort to use his own creativity, to bring in more money for himself.
Mc Hammer has announced that he will be launching his own search engine. The search engine will be called “WireDoo
Hammer’s Search engine is said to be based on relations. He says this will produce better results related to the content you are looking for. This is pretty much the way we all thought search engines worked anyway.
For now, WireDoo is a registration only. I registered and only got a notice that says “Thank you”.
Some of the code on the home page for WireDoo, looks a bit out dated. Hopefully Hammer knows this and did it on purpose. I have the best of hopes that if MC Hammer doesn’t, and this is the best he has, that people are volunteering to help him neat up his code for his final release of the search. That way in the end, when the world finally gets their first feel of the search, they will be blown away, and all of this is the ultimate publicity move for WireDoo.
Or, Mc Hammer gets paid millions from Google to buy out WireDoo.
Because this search engine, has the potential of a fast fiery death.
So far because of the way WireDoo looks right now, all of the posts on Mashable and TechCrunch are saying “Can’t Search This”. So yeah, the people have the guns out and already shooting this site down.