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SEO KeyWord Analyzer

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SEO KeyWord Analyzer

Posted in : review, Web Design, website on by : Tech Review Man

If you have been looking for an SEO Keyword Analyzer for your meta tags. I have one from seo centro.
This tool looks at your meta tags and your body text to see what you have and what you expect. Then it counts for repeated items to tell you what word is said and how many time. Then it does two word phrases and three word phrases. To locate certain specific search terms.
This helps you to better target your customers or readers for what they are actually searching for when they find your item or page for what it really is or is about.
meta tag Keyword usage is very important. If your keyword meta tag is filled with a bunch of gobbledy goop, that is not on your page, then you will not get categorized for what you are. No search engine allows fictional keyword tags. Your keywords say “hey this site is about “blah blah. If your key words do not match your content, you will be labeled as a junk website and it is a hard battle to get back up from that. A very hard long battle.

How to use this tool
Locate the URL box and type in your website address. Do not forget the “HTTP://” or the SEO Keyword Analyzer will not work properly. Locate the “Access code” box and type in the symbols located in the image above (I know…. I hate Captcha also). Press Submit and watch the magic.

Meta Tag Analyzer

Check your meta tags!
example: http://www.host.com.


User Agent * (optional)

Please enter the access code as displayed above.
Access code

Online Meta Tag Analyzer
provide by SEOCentro.

Please bookmark this page and feel free to use when you feel you need .

You can then move to The Site Evaluation tool and see what your statistics and page rank with alexa rankings are on the web. This allows you to evaluate the value of your works.