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Is Google Sniper a Scam ?

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Is Google Sniper a Scam ?

Posted in : income, internet, SEO on by : TruXter

What Is Google Sniper?

Are you considering buying Google sniper scam? or Google sniper scam2 or Google sniper 2 ? Are you wondering if Google sniper is to scam you or scam Google? Well let’s discuss Google sniper and if it is a scam or not (up front… yeah it is).

Well I checked Mark Thompson’s website because it was the first one that came up in Google that wasn’t trying to sell you the Google sniper product. and it took a bit of looking to find him.

I agree with what he is saying. I hate all of the websites that say “I got rich from a loop hole, you can too!”. He goes on to explain that he makes lots of money from his advertisements on the pages that talk about his product. If this was true, then the guy would not be at a loss by letting people download the content for free.(free brings people wanting to sample) In fact the media on his site being free would be cause enough for even more people to come to his site and double his income from his advertising affiliate.
These sites that try and sell you tricks to get to the front of Google and other search engines, will get you banned from all search engines. And it happens very fast. If you disappear from the search engines, then you may as well be running a koolaid stand inside your closet. No one will find you.

This Google Sniper or Google Sniper 2 , is preying upon your laziness. If you are too lazy to learn how to legally, properly optimize your website and are not willing to pay a search engine optimization company to put you on the right path, then he figures you are getting what you deserve, and he is profiting on your loss. Well that is a theory because if you get banned from search engines, using his system, then um, what else could he be thinking other than you did it wrong? Of course you did it wrong and that’s final.

From what I gather, the maker of Google Sniper and Google sniper 2 is showing you how to use keywords to get high rank in Google for the products you sell. Can’t you do that your self? Like if you are selling locks think of everything related to locks and use that for your keywords and build your site and pages to represent your product? like say “safety,security,intruder” etc etc etc in your meta tags and then make sure you say it a few times on your website ? All he is going to do is tell you the basic knowledge of advertisement and how to add it to the internet. You can find that information all over the internet. Like search for “Search engine optimization tips”. If you do not get bombarded with good useful legit tips, then you just aren’t trying and you are looking for a magic elixir to build your website for you.

So far, all of the sites I see talking positive of  Google Sniper, are selling Google Sniper. like stated here . Or linking to a website that is built specifically for selling Google sniper. Isn’t Google sniper for people who have a product and need to target customers well for that product? Well… then why is Google full of these sites that are targeting people looking for real reviews? Can’t call it a pyramid scam. because you don’t know if it’s the maker of the program, or a person who bought the program under the contract of selling the program for profit or gaining profit from helping sell the product.

What you can see is the people Saying positive stuff about Google sniper, sell nothing, but show you how to buy Google sniper. Meanwhile the thing that Google sniper is selling you is ways to put your product out there so you can sell it. If they have no products, then, why do they need Google  Sniper? Let alone Google Sniper 2.

My opinion, you did your research, that says you have a brain and know how to find what you are looking for. otherwise you would not have found this post. I am a nobody as far as Google is concerned. Yet you found me. So you know how to search. How about you use a bit more of your brain to make your website easier for people to find. Save yourself a buck and see what happens when you actually try.

So is Google Sniper a rip off? Is Google Sniper a scam? is it worth it for you to buy Google Sniper 2 ? Well if you bought the first one and it didn’t work, Fool me once. I can say, Google Sniper 2 is not for me. You have a better chance with the ads on a website that advertises Google ads, because Google will not advertise scam sites that have crooked methods. Those sites will give your legit tips on how to get seen in Google and how to optimize your website for search engines. Do not trust someone who is a Google bomber.
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So if you are actually trying to get your website some traffic and get your products seen and sold, here are some webmaster tips and tricks. These are all free and legal and okay and recommended by Google. best yet, it’s all free. and when you learn something from there, Google it more and you will see that the world is full of people helping, you just have to learn what it’s all called. because we are talking about it right there under your nose, free. and legit, and a huge abundance of internet webdesign help.
Main thing to remember is seo Search Engine Optimization. Just that alone should get you in the right direction.
If you don’t want to bother with that, there are millions of SEO companies out there that do the work for you.

I hate that this page gets so much traffic. I hate that my fellow man has let me down like this.
Maybe I should just go all out and do a post dismissing the fountain of youth, or magical growth potion for 80 year old and see how many other types of moron are out there.
Hmm, maybe I will break down penny bid auction scams.
looks like people need to hear that also.

Here is what you do instead of using Google sniper.

TL;DR It does not work and it only hurts your website to use Google Sniper.

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Here’s the most you will get from Gooogle Sniper

43 thoughts on Is Google Sniper a Scam ?

  • Computer Parts Guy 2011/03/15

    Google Sniper is a scam. Google SNiper is nothing but trash that floods the internet. The company that makes Google sniper portrays this 18 year old who invented some loop hole. There are no loop holes and there is no law that says if you find a loop hole, Google has to stick with it. You are a fool for thinking Google sniper is worth anything less than the stuff monkey would throw at this company. The owner of the company would have to be in his mid twenties by now. He can’t be 18 forever.

  • Bernard Dahilig 2011/04/27

    Call me a statistic. I fell for the ad. Into the sniper program on day three and to absorb the info & all the techie jargon, w/ no support from the members who claimed to be making money for this program?! Im getting my refund! When someone that claims to make all this money, and claims that support will be there for the new members, YOU and for me expect it from the membership, this is my third day on the program and had to wait for only an email to get a subject which i wanted within minutes, took the next day! for those of you that may be more experienced in all this techno jargon, YOU should also hold yourself accountable and help out your fellow members even if it is a novice who wants to be beside you in your success, ultimately making it a win win outcome! I dont care what IMs will post to this comment I made, but for those struggling this segment of making realistic income in this F.Ud economy, support is what is needed!

  • TruXter 2011/04/28

    Hate to break it to ya buddy, but all of the people saying they like the program, are just employees putting out good comments about the garbage. All of the “legitimate users” you see on the internet praising that program, are maybe six guys and gals, making posts and short one page blogs under about 20 aliases each.
    But great to see someone actually comment on this.

  • Chris Brontie 2011/05/22

    I must admit i was nearly close actually buying this software, i do the usual when finding things like this. I google it followed by the word scam but apart from this site even then i wondered if the blogs originated from the creators of this “google sniper 2″….”we’d all love to write out own reviews” this is the first site i found after 5 mins of searching saying this script is a scam and was enough to put me off buying the script

    Its a shame their isnt laws against people doing these scripts the amount of vulnerable fools they rob that dont research at all or dont research it enough, its good to know there are good websites like this in place revealing such scams

    i thank you for saving me some money and probably weeks of pointless work no doubt

    thanks :)

  • TruXter 2011/05/22

    For legal reasons I have to say .
    That if you had intentions of buying Google sniper
    and seeing 400 fake websites up doing fake positive reviews of Google sniper Was not enough to throw up red flags.
    Then please do not let my one website stop you. by all means, it is their destiny to get your money.

  • Stacyman 2011/06/02

    Hello TruXter,

    Is Google Sniper a Scam? Some of the things he teaches to get higher click-throughs, I would consider to be unethical but he certainly has a right to sell this product. One thing he teaches is to “create a persona” for your website which will appeal to your target audience. I certainly do not agree with that particular aspect of the Google Sniper method.

    However, some of the things he says in Google Sniper do work based on my own tests. For instance, I have registered several exact match domain names and been able to appear on Google’s first page. If you look up “t1 price comparison” my website is #3 and #4 with no backlinks pointing to it.

    You’re right about one thing. Anyone can do this themselves. Find a keyword with very low competition. Install WordPress on your own domain and use the All-In-One SEO pack plug-in along with some other relevant plugins. Write several keyword optimized posts on your website.

    With very low competition keywords this may be enough to rank on the first page but you will probably need to do some backlinking in most cases. A tool like Market Samurai may come in handy in finding those low competition keywords.

    There are many others teaching what the Google Sniper teaches. The main thing is to learn about on-page SEO. You could even do some testing with Hubpages or Squidoo. Notice how the third result in Google for “google sniper scam” is a Hubpage. Not many backlinks either.

    Sorry for the long comment but Google Sniper isn’t a scam. It’s just some guy trying to make a lot of money. You have to admit he came up with a good name for his product and even if he doesn’t make a lot of money on his sniper websites, you can be sure he made a ton of money selling Google Sniper. :)

  • TruXter 2011/06/02

    Yes, he has all the rights in the world to sell his junk. And yes Google sniper is a scam to the buyer of the product. I wouldn’t buy Google Sniper.

    I am not the one making laws. It still does not make that software worth buying.. Heck magical hair growth and enlargement oils are legal if they pass the FDA. They don’t do squat for you.

    Do you know how many websites came up selling a torrent program, similar to bit torrent and such, they would sell the torrent program and sell people the links to torrents.. So they basically sold, links that anyone can find on the internet. Links to bad stuff that could land them in jail. Kind of the same thing here. Google will ban your website if you break the rules. They call it “black listing”. You can email them a million times explaining how you didn’t know that what you paid for was a lesson to break the rules and get banned. They don’t care. Ignorance is never an excuse.

  • keiron west 2011/06/23

    here is a quick quide to making money online the same way as george brown.

    search for master resale rights ebooks on google,
    download site, open it in dreamweaver,
    edit names and links,
    upload to your own hosting account (simple to learn)
    join clickbank,
    advertise on clickbank,
    advertise on jv notify,
    get other people to sell your false promises of millions,
    sit back and watch the money roll in,

    george brown sells google sniper for $47 and gives 75% commission, he has apparently sold 0ver 50,000 copies, so do the math, $47-75%=$11.75×50,000=$587,500, he could have sold more than this, aswell as the fact that he has other books he has written, google sniper is just a book that has the master resale rights. there are also other ways he can make even more money by doing this.

    its as simple as that.

    dont be fools go learn for free, all over the internet people are teaching you these methods.

  • Ramonh 2011/07/06

    Hi every one
    i am Fairly new to all this money online programs.
    I am not asking for much but just for someone who has extensive knowledge on how to make money online to kinda like help me get there. I was almost convinced to buy this product but i always research and i stumble across this page .

  • TruXter 2011/07/06

    As stated before, if every single one of those pages that are selling Google Sniper SCAM, and claiming to be a positive or negative reviews but always having similar sounding posts, isn’t enough for you to form an opinion, then do not let this post, made by real people, with true opinions, be an influence on your desire to give the guy your money.

    How do you make money online? by having something people are looking for. by getting your product ready for shipping, by selling your product and getting the product to your customers. Not by selling the “how to get rich” program. Only a few people are fools.

    If you don’t have a product but still want to make money online. Go to cafe press.
    No overhead at all. try taluna research, free and they pay you, there is ACOP, Global
    These are real sites, no cost to you, just do surveys or type in ideas and you get paid..

    After reading internet mambo jumbo for a long time, the fakes stick out like a circus carny at a banquet.
    I myself post legit opinions about software and hardware, so people can have honest reviews, then I put advertisements on the side. Those ads are automated by Google, to match the content on my page. since I am not picking the advertisements, I can write anything I want to about anything I see. I can have an Honest opinion, and speak negatively about said product and not worry whether or not it will pop up in my advertisements.
    FYI, Google sniper will never pop up in those ads because it’s a rip off and Google wouldn’t let them advertise, for all the money they can shovel at Google.

  • T 2011/07/19

    Yeah..I came across the ad and probably a few other thousand of people who had.
    Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m not but how many of you guys actually searched up the blog (Wedding site) he went to and clicked the same link he clicked on within that blog?

    I checked out the wedding site and saw its PAY PER CLICK affiliate program. If he doesn’t own that wedding speech site then I would’ve earned him some $ already by clicking on it out of curiosity. Smart method of making money from us.

  • TruXter 2011/07/28

    Yes, it is Crooked to game a marketing system. Imagine all of the people at the other end of those ads, who paid to have their product advertised to people, through means they thought were legit, meanwhile some guy tricks you into clicking his links and making him money off of honest people who are not associated to him at all, at their expense without him reimbursing them for anything.

    It’s kinda Ghetto.
    and is exactly why Google won’t let him run ads.

  • Barbara 2011/09/04

    The first thing that turns me off about a “How-to-Make-Money-On-The-Internet website is the showing of the “pay checks”. Next comes the layout. Google Sniper website sucks. It’s not professional looking. Even after these turn-offs, I search Google for some more feed back. Thanks for yours and re-enforcing what I suspected all along…SCAM! Now I am wondering if the website that had an affiliate link to Google Sniper is legit?

  • Tara 2011/10/13

    You guys are missing the BIG picture aren’t you? George is no fool. He is making his money selling the IDEA that you can make money. This is done ALL the time. People write books about “how to make money at home” Infomercials about making Millions on real estate! We’ve all seen them. “How do I lose 60 lbs in 60 days”. “How to get 6-pack abs” etc etc. They are selling the dream – not the product. The product is the hook, the DREAM is the scam.

    So put on your thinking caps!!

    If you want to make a lot of money, you need to produce something (anything) that gives the buyer the HOPE they they will make a lot of money! Get it? You can make money by selling the JUST the IDEA of making money. That’s what this and other product are doing.

    My friends laugh, but my idea is write a book explaining to people that to make money FAST – they need to write a book explaining to how to make money FAST. :) It’s Brilliant!

  • John E. Webb 2011/11/09

    Thank-You for Your Informative Analisise of Google Sniper. I have been in Business Making
    Signs and Doing Graphic Works for over 30 Years 25 Years plus in London Ontario. My time coming to an End in this industry, I bought all the New Toys to do Production and I Do Excellent Work but cant seem to get production work.
    I’ll likely get more responses from people about Why I did Not to Buy Google Sniper than I ever would Trying to Sell Sign Works.

    I Think Id rather Go Hungy than Con
    People out of there Money Like this Guys Doing.

  • TruXter 2011/11/09

    Hey man. Post your link . Let’s see what I can for you for free.

  • your friend carl jones 2011/11/10

    so many people talking about google sniper in both good and bad ways, I do belive that what they advertise is very far fetched claims of millions in seconds so I did my due diligence and guess what I came up with: a back door :)
    check it out copy paste this to your browser


  • Paul 2011/12/19

    I like all these comments from everyone as of Google Sniper.I was going to try it but now I changed my mind about this fly by night scam.

    So I imagine there is a catch to it as a sign up fee of $47 and then spend more money on the videos plus the teaching course regardless of how long it takes to learn,that’s how this George makes all his big money and gets rich.

    I actually came across a website where you do get paid with no hassle,but i am going to check it ouy more.

  • NotaMoron 2012/01/01

    The person who wrote this is a complete moron, 99% of everything on the internet is a scam.

    The dumbest thing this guy said was ” if google advertises it, it has to be legit ”

    Facebook, google, and other major sites all advertise scams, face it, you can’t trust nothing anymore on the internet. Even on tv they advertise scams like zoosk and quibids. It’s all about the money people don’t forget it

    they all come down to lewer and hook scams. They offer something which you want meanwhile theyre the ones getting something from YOU, information, money, etc…

  • TruXter 2012/01/01

    Google will not advertise SEO related content, unless the company advertising, passes Google’s standards.
    look at the ads over there. none of them say “hey, get rich quick while scamming”.

  • Crisencio 2012/01/03

    It’s good I did not push through purchasing google sniper 2.0 because he’s claims are really too good to be true!

  • Rigon 2012/03/02

    This forum is outstanding. I finally get to read posts that are sincere and genuine about a product that resembles all other so called cutting edge programs that throw out a $47 dollar lure then throw you back in the water and hope that you fall for the $197 lure or they try to convince you that if you also buy their software apps they will get you to big money even quicker.

    It reminds me of the envelope stuffing scam when the internet didn’t exist. You sell the idea to others hoping they give you their money to pass on the idea to them and so on and so on…

  • Luis 2012/03/10

    As a person trying to break into internet marketing, I actually bought Google Sniper 2.0 a week ago. I subscribed to millionaire society, home profit, and commission breakthrough before buying Google Sniper. From my very limited experience, Google Sniper is NOT a scam. FYI, I don’t have a review site for Google Sniper nor do I promote it in any way.

    I must say that millionaire society may become useful when I gain more knowledge on how to generate income through the internet. The other 2, have not generated or delivered anything near what they promised in their sites. The use gimmicks like Adf.ly and Desktop Lighting. I used both. With Adf.ly I got 10,000 hits in 3 days and zero conversions or even order form imprints. I used my affiliate link for fitness reviews with Adf.ly. Deskop Lighting is a viral email system. I get some traffic, but it doesn’t help with my Google rankings.

    Google Sniper did as promised. Their only claim is that, by using their system you’ll be ranked in the first page of a Google search for targeted keywords. My website free-full-length-movie-download.com has been up for less than a week and I’m already in the second page of searches for “full length movie downloads” and “free full length movie downloads”. You can verify this yourself. Whether my content is good or the product good enough to make people buy the product, that is up to me. They can’t choose a product for me nor do they write my ad campaign. That part I strongly believe is an art and I need to work at it and perfect it.

    My Google Sniper website is doing exactly what they said it would do, climb in the Google rankings. A high ranking means more clicks. they make no promises of revenue, but the possibility of revenue with a higher Google ranking. For a new marketer like me, that is golden knowledge that would have taken me a lot longer to learn. For experienced marketers like many of you, it may be useless information since you already have this knowledge.

    I may try developing different concepts, I don’t like blogs with my picture on it, but using the same principles I learned and see how that goes. I may also try to have my review professionally written. For my first try, I wanted to try their instructions to a tee and, in 5 days, I’m getting results. No sales yet though. For what I paid, Google Sniper was money well invested. Anyway… Sorry I disagree with the author of this page, but I felt I needed to give my 2 cents on this topic.

  • TruXter 2012/03/10


    Any gain you see from Google Sniper right now, is short lived.

    Especially when your topic competes with the #1 underground topic on the internet. Your domain name suggest that you have something that you do not provide, yet you give reviews of said items, which is your redemption.

    Google has their own set of rules, for their own network. For their own search engine with pages they cache. Please do not think that you can “fool the system” because you can’t.
    You can get noticed for a short while, but all it takes is one angry person who is offended by your website, to submit your link to Google for review, to get Google to pay attention to you and remove you from their servers.

    I myself have a file I use, it’s called a “hosts” file. There is a guy MVP on the web that distributes one, it blocks spam sites. That list is given to Google on a monthly bases. To block websites from being accessed by their bots/crawlers. If you make that list, you may as well not even have a website.

    So, what I am saying is using the tactics you learned, to have website named “free stuff” and then have very little content and nothing is free, You will not be on the web very long.

    Black listed sucks.

  • Sandi 2012/04/09

    Umm well, people tell me I’m an Intuitive! Only last night, I almost bought into the George Montagu Brown’s Sniper X. After watching the video, little red flags went up, left right and centre! I emailed him and asked for my money back and told him he was a ‘worm’.

    I thought I may have had a good idea with the Web- site I wanted to build, I’m a newby at this, thank God, I found your blog. I hate that others are being scammed! Guess I’ll just have to keep making an honest dollar and sleep well at night. :)

  • Marc 2012/04/17

    In as much as Google Sniper IS a scam and anyone familiar with internet marketing can see this, George Brown or whoever this guy really is did put together a brilliant promotional video. He definitely spent a few bucks crafting it(unfortunately)to reel in impressionable buyers who are just trying to make a few bucks in our current economy. If he paid $68K to allegedly do research and look for loopholes but shows a million dollar balance sheet for 1 month, then why does he need a $47 “donation” from those who probably can’t afford it to recoup his research? He doesn’t need the money.

    Seriously, the tools are available for FREE on the internet to succeed. Matt Carter, Andrew Hanson and Pat Flynn are all genuine decent, successful internet marketers who are pretty transparent when it comes to showing you how they became successful.

  • Don 2012/06/03

    Google Sniper 2.0 is not a scam. I do not sell the program, but I did buy it.

    Google Sniper 2.0 is well laid out and explains in DETAIL what needs to be done. It’s one of the best teaching eBooks that I’ve come across.

    Like all ClickBank products, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so anyone can get a full refund if they aren’t satisfied.

  • TruXter 2012/06/03

    On warrior forums, that i link to, there were many people trying to get refunds.

    and none of them got them. Some went months trying.
    Those posts got deleted.

  • TruXter 2012/06/05

    Wow… I just noticed that all of the positive comments about Google Sniper here came from the same person.


  • Fran 2012/06/05

    Ha ha… I always look at scams like this with a jaundiced eye. If the guy is really making 20 or 30 thousand a month with his “system”, why in the world would he need YOUR $47? Think about it.

  • marion lea 2012/07/01

    I just like to say thanks for all the info. i have been deciding if i should get google sniper as i am not working due to illness and wanted to start to work from home and earn enought to get me off state benifits. i hope i still can make money online but i now know this is not a option for me. thanks so much you have made your decition for me.

  • TruXter 2012/07/01

    You can still make money online.
    but don’t jump for the get rich quick stuff.
    and you can still purchase the Google sniper stuff.
    I didn’t make your decision. I made mine and made it public.
    I can’t be held accountable for your decisions.

    And there are thousands of ways to make money online.
    Do reviews, write and get an affiliate, get a sponsor.
    The money will not be enough to live on until you get plenty of notoriety.
    but that takes time.
    Example: Start an Online Store

  • Berliner 2012/07/24

    Sorry this review on this page is almost as bad as the BS that comes out on the GS video- All you do on this page is tell how bad and terrible it is and how it is a SCAM.

    Why dont you explain calmly what exactly is Google Sniper and what do they teach you in that program? Is it an ebook? Software? Flying monkey?

    I have tried to find out, but all I found were these fake reviews and your site. Sorry to say but your website is almost as useless in answering the title of the page- Is Google Sniper A Scam?

    Please post calm and logic bullet points- What is GS. What does it promise? Why doesn’t it work? Why it is a scam?

    Thanks & Chill!

  • TruXter 2012/07/24

    Thank you for your comment.
    I hope that you found enough evidence to make your decision whether to buy that product or not.

    If you haven’t then by all means, keep searching.

  • Brian 2012/08/31

    I am usually very suspicious of get rich quick adverts. If I found a “loop hole” in Google which I could exploit for a fortune why would I want to share it with others to create competition and increase the possibility of Google discovering and closing the hole.

  • Roland 2012/09/24

    lmao i got sniper 2.0 from a pirate with a wooden leg and a parrot.

    heres a paraphrase from the manual supposedly TOP SECRET and telling you in which niche you can make the most money. (if you paid for this then i reeeeaaly feel for you)
    since i cant quote it goes something like this:

    Here are the most common markets you’ll be creating sniper sites in:

    Lifestyle products: weight loss,six packs, muscle building, blablabla
    Products targeted at beginners with no experience of affiliate marketing!!!!!
    Products promising Ferraris!!!!!!

    that is right in your face, bam.

    yeeeeah right, ok lol. still a nice tutorial but id say nothing you cant find for free. and forget about 1500 a day.

  • TruXter 2012/09/24

    Not sure what that means.

  • Nuts 2012/12/16

    Well, I’d like to share my experience.

    I don’t know if it was similar to Google Sniper or even if it WAS it. I’ve already forgotten.

    The thing is, I fell for exactly the same kind of ads telling how to get rich easy, even without knowledge at all of what to do. This ad was so sweet and juicy with many free stuffs and all, but one tiny little thing, that I have to pay “little” money for my start-up gadgets and donation for further research. It’s no big deal compared to what I’d get. I fell for it and bought it.

    Then I realized, it was scum, not scam …

    It’s true that I didn’t have to be an expert in internet whatever to run the program. All I need to do was only make a view clicks, not even 12 clicks just like in the Google Sniper ads. The program will do the rest. It will automatically make me a website (a free one I guess, or might be a blogger, I don’t know…). Then give it a name and link it to my bank account.

    Voila, I’ve got myself a website, a system that will flow money in for me. At least that’s what on the manual. Reading the rest, to my shocking, I realized that the one I’d make will be almost exactly the same as the one where I found the ads in the first place. Complete with the advertising, video-ads, a link to buy the “product”, and even some comments on how good the product is. The difference was that it will be on my name and linked to my bank account. So if there were people fell for the ads in my system, they’ll send their money to me. Then I knew that THE ADS WAS the product. That’s how I’ll get rich, that’s how my bank account will be full with “positive” activities, when many people fell for the delicious ads.

    I didn’t run the program. I’m not saying I’m no sinner or anything, just that I didn’t have the gust to do it. I didn’t even bother to ask for refund, I believed they won’t give it back anyway. Though I really did need that “little” money.

    I’m not saying that it was the same with the Google Sniper, ’cause I don’t know what it is. I just saw the video-ads tonight, it reminds me of what had happened because the contents were almost the same. So I search the Google if it is a scam, I find this review, and I feel like sharing.

    Like I said in the beginning, I forget about it, at least I try to. And if my words offended some people, I apologize.

    For TruXter, I believe the world needs more people like you. Thanks.

  • rej 2012/12/17

    I just made a cancellation of GS2 from Clickbank (I wasnt aware I did make a subscription!). Well that money I just spent for GS2 I will consider as my “burial donation” for those that created that scam. May they rest in peace soonest coz the world is a better place without people these people.

  • Mike Shea 2013/01/21

    Tomorrow I recall citibank mastercard and stop payments to clickbank.
    I bought the software for $50.82 with tax and the upgrade for 104.88 with tax.
    I received no software.
    The tutorials had blurred videos and mumbly audio.
    I tried to log into the member site and it did not work.
    I am disabled and receive a fixed income that I can not survive on. I was not trying to get rich, but just find a way to supplement my meager income. I WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY THEM A DIME,
    (threatening sentence removed).
    Screwing unfortunate individuals is WAY risky business in this day and age.
    Please, do not get yourself all bent out of shape, avoid this Jerk like the plague,
    (threatening sentence removed).
    I know that I am a calm person who understands his limitations. I also have an idea of the risks of screwing hundreds of people. I would not want to be in this person’s shoes for ANY amount of money. In fact I do not want to be within 50 miles of the guy. As the say LOL jerk.

  • TruXter 2013/01/21

    I had to edit that. sorry man but i can’t have that on this site. I do not know the legal process it takes to defend you. but I do agree this is a wrong thing to do to people. but not agreeing with revenge or the methods suggested.

  • Ron Edwards 2013/01/27

    TruXter, I appreciate your effort to “set the record straight” on this guy and the product (or lack thereof) he is selling to an unsuspecting audience. My grandma told me a long time ago that if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

    I know everyone is looking for a way to make a quick buck with little or no work and/or investment but, unless you have a rich relative who dies and leaves you an inheritance, you’re gonna have to do at least SOME work and/or make SOME investment to earn money and a living.

    With that said, I do like the advice you shared regarding your methods of making money online with your various suggestions. I would like to pursue some of your suggested ideas to see if I can make some of them work…I’ll let you know the results…better yet, maybe I’ll write a book on how to make a fortune on the internet with no work and no investment…!!! :-)

    Thanks again.

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