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HTC Thunderbolt for verizon

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HTC Thunderbolt for verizon

Posted in : cell phone, cell phones, phone, Tech News on by : TruXter

HTC Thunderbolt Has kick stand for watching media
Runs on Android 2.2
HTC Thunderbolt is 4g
8mp camera
4.3 inch screen
480 x 800 pixels Resolution
Comes with 32 GB MicroSD card
Uses Sim Card for 4g LTE service under battery (Iphone for verizon does not currently have)
Allows for WIFI Use.

The HTC Thunderbolt looks a lot like the Iphone 3
Similar size to the Samsung fasinate, slightly larger screen. but full phone size is smaller.
HTC Thunder Bolt unboxing, brilliant looking cell phone. Huge screen for a phone and lots of great features including 4g.

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