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Tech News Today, latest tech news for Valentines day 2011.

From Tech Crunch

From Endgadget

From Cnet

From Wired

3-D Cam Captures Close Encounters With the Aquatic Kind

6 Survival Tips for Nokia and Microsoft

Eccentric YikeBike Gives Segway a Run for Its Money


  1. Tangled Games Focus on Young Players

    I often like to have a look at the different formats that particular games are released on to see the differences. Disney’s new Tangled spin-off games have taken things in a slightly different direction though. Rather than the usual versions on every platform (360, PS3, Wii, DS and so on) they have gone for a more […]

    02.14.11 From GeekDad
  2. Hands-On With LG’s Eye-Crossing 3D Optimus Pad

    Barcelona – Tablets are what we wanted to see at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and tablets are what we’ve got. They all have their gimmicks. Samsung’s Tab 10.1 features a plasticky feel, for example, and LG’s Optimus Pad has 3D. It also has a new screen size of 8.9-inches. First, the 3D. The Optimus […]

    02.14.11 From Gadget Lab
  3. Tour the Mansions of Madness

    If you weren’t already planning on picking up Fantasy Flight Games’ new Lovecraft-themed Mansions of Madness, this peek into the board game’s design and components is going to convince you. What am I most excited about? Besides the awesome miniatures, story-based gameplay and the presence of sanity-sapping creatures from beyond the edge of reason… I’m just […]

    02.14.11 From GeekDad
  4. Sex & The Ditty

    Steamy songs work. Researchers tell us that romantic songs nearly double the likelihood that single women will agree to give men their phone numbers. And music works for those of us in relationships too. Music does a pretty good job of expressing affection, amorous intention, and other feelings that can be screwed up by mere […]

    02.14.11 From GeekDad
  5. Hands-On With Samsung’s Five-Inch iPod Touch Rival

    Barcelona ??? Amidst the fuss about Samsung’s new ten-inch Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy S 2 cellphone, an even more interesting product has gotten somewhat lost: a five-inch wi-fi-only mini-tablet, called the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0. The thin little media-player is somewhere between the already wrong-sized 7-inch Galaxy Tab and the regular Galaxy S cellphone, only […]

    02.14.11 From Gadget Lab
  6. Stories About Girls, Part 5

    Welcome to Part 5 of Stories About Girls! Today I just read a wonderful blog post from Ms. Yingling Reads entitled “Boys Read Pink.” Ms. Yingling is a middle school librarian, and last year she had a “Super Secret Evil Plan” to check out aggressively girly books to boys. This year she told her 6th-graders that […]

    02.14.11 From GeekDad
  7. Introducing the GeekDad LEGO Mini-fig

    A week or so ago I introduced you all to Kris Buchan, a customizer of mini-figs. Well, to say thank you for the write up he has stunned us folks here at GeekDad by creating our very own GeekDad mini-fig complete with GeekDad t-shirt both front and back. Apologies for my less than proficient photography, […]

    02.14.11 From GeekDad
  8. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hands-On: A Plastic Toy With a Gorgeous Screen

    Barcelona ??? The expect deluge of tablets has started with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, a big-screen version of the seven-inch Galaxy Tab which has sold either two or two-million units. The Tab 10.1 ??? named somewhat awkwardly for its screen-size ??? is the first hot ticket at the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, and […]

    02.14.11 From Gadget Lab
  9. GeekDad Builds The Lego Tower Bridge

    Heavy snows and cold temperatures leave little minds bored and searching for something to do. So on a recent weekend, we tackled Lego’s newest large-sized architectural model, the Tower Bridge. This London icon was reproduced with just over 4,200 bricks and took about eleven hours to put together, but you can see the whole build […]

    02.14.11 From GeekDad
  10. Defense Budget Dreaming: Sensors, Audits, and Wal-Marts

    The $553 billion budget that the Pentagon will unveil today puts us in mind of a Radiohead song: no alarms and no surprises. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Adm. Mike Mullen already revealed much of its content during his “efficiencies initiative” briefing last month: no more swimming tank for the Marines, no more awesomely-named SLAMRAMM […]

    02.14.11 From Danger Room