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Facebook Places and Grand Theft Auto trick

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  15. Facebook Places and Grand Theft Auto trick

Facebook Places and Grand Theft Auto trick

Posted in : cell phone, cellphone, game, howto, internet, phone on by : TruXter

A few people are getting onto the sport of Grand Theft auto and Facebook Places. How? Well, funny you ask. and when I answer, you will see it funny too.
These people are checking in at locations that remind them of GTA and adding these places by the name that Rockstar games uses in the game. Like Bedford point, Alderny, vice port, Cluckin Bell, 24/7 and Hepburn Hieghts.
How cool would that be, to go to check in at a location and see that someone else has GTA defacedbooked it up, and they are currently there. Would that not be the ultimate awesome ? Greater than a rare chance that a Grand Theft Auto player will be there but hey it would be cool as heck.
If you really want to play the GTA Defacedbook game and add as many locations as you know of without leaving your house and having to drive around Try this : if you want to learn how to use Facebook places with your pc use this .

Get out there and name what you can you find. Make the names look as real as possible. because if Facebook see the Initials GTA or Grand Theft Auto  or San Andreas in the location, they will remove it. So make sure you are on the map.

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  • gta games 2011/04/21

    Okay I wanna try this. Can you guide me for this game? :)

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