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Fun With Google Sniper

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Fun With Google Sniper

Posted in : review, Web Design, webdesign, website on by : TruXter

I pointlessly blocked Google sniper from advertising through adsense on my website.

Why you ask? Why did I block Google Sniper Websites from advertising on my website?

Because I don’t like them. They are a straight up scam.

They talk about scamming an advertising affiliate. and I don’t like swindlers.
They make a thousand websites offering a review of their junk, and then just sell you the junk.
I blocked Google SNiper from advertising on my website for just in case Google Adsense ever allows their scum on their advertsing network. Just in case Google gets bought out by some other swindling company and decides to let garbage like Google Sniper into their system.

For now….. Google Sniper can not advertise on Google, because Google protects their Customers. So no seeing that trash in Adwords.

Is Google SNiper Real ?

Google Sniper Is trash

Do you see how they flood Google? they bought all of those domains and just barely maintain the. If they were real, tehy would have one domain and it would be worth going to.

Google Sniper makes Search engine optimization look bad.

If you want to get your website seen, Don’t use Google Sniper. They will just get you banned from Google and leave you selling their garbage.
Here.. this will help YOUR current website 1000 times better than Google sniper. and it’s totally free. Webmaster tips.

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