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Your rights, internet and Privacy

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Your rights, internet and Privacy

Posted in : internet, internet safety, internet security, online, safety, security on by : TruXter

These days are certainly different days of the past.
This isn’t about phobias or conspiracies or anything you can use to belittle this. This is about self respect.

In the past we took everything to the highest level of precaution to avoid giving away our personal information .  We refused to give up our date of birth, our names of any sort, and we kept our images to a minimum. In fear of identity theft.
We learned that there is a simple method of finding someone’s social security number simply by knowing where they were born, their name and the day they were born. Back in those days, a “security question” asking what your mother’s maiden name is, was a red flag. A darn good red flag. There is no reason for that question on any website. Especially banks. If they don’t need that information to give you credit, then they do not need that information for anything else, so they should never ask that question. even as a “security question”.

Today we give up everything and laugh at those who do not. We will post our face on the internet, our first and last name, pin our home address in public maps, we tag our family and share that information to the public as if it validates our love for one an other. We post pictures of people, without their consent and think it totally irrational for them to object. Don’t believe me? Ask someone not to post your picture and watch how they react. Typically they will act as if they agree with you, then they will fidget, and mock you for being weird or paranoid about it. They will then tell you that your are too attractive to not share your image, then they will erupt in anger to you. Then they will plea to you. Then they will disconnect themselves from you.

Try this. Take every photo of yourself offline. Request all of your friends to take down photos that contain you in them. If you think that part is too hard, then you might want to rethink your privacy thus far. Now next time you are a party, Avoid the cameras, because the person taking the pictures isn’t going to understand your wants of privacy. So it’s easier to just walk away from the pictures. When they notice what you are trying to do, it then becomes a sport to post your picture on the internet without your consent.

I have observed this for well on 18 years now. This is a fact. and it is very offensive the way people get with photos. and because I am so offended by it, it leaves me snapping at people who are actual friends or girlfriends when they just ask what they think is a very normal question. ” Why can’t I have a picture of us together online to show my friends and family what you look like”. Quite often they will assume you just don’t want to be seen with them. Which further proves how far we have sunken into just trusting things at the value they were described to you, instead of what we can see is really happening.

All of this, I blame on Facebook. In their methods of getting more information from you to sell to potential customers, they keep changing the way you use the site, and changing the rules to the site, so often you have no desire to read the rules and terms of use.ny allowing you certain features if ou give up other forms of privacy. They are the owners of Instagram and just announced a week ago that Instagram has the rights to sell your photos to advertisers who would like to use them in their advertisements. Offering you no compensation. Then with in hours they 360’d that claim and said they never would do such a thing. Just 4 years ago, Facebook made the same claim on it’s main site, and that option is still readily in their hands at all times. Just read the terms of service and see for yourself. Set private or public, those files are on Facebook’s servers and that server is their on their property. Last thing you want is your photo being misused by the highest bidder.

but none of that matters to you anymore. We have relaxed to a state that we now say ” I don’t care what you do with it”. as if Identity theft would be flattering, because you doubt it could ever happen. EVER!
Family tree websites that have you post information about your family heritage. It’s a group event to find our more about about your lineage and your family’s origin. It’s a way to find family members long lost and family members who didn’t even know they had cousins. but what is it really? It’s a spam farm. and that’s a it is. Those sites are created for the sole purpose of targeting spam. Sure you find a use for it that you believe you benefit greatly from but at what cost to you? to all of the family members you posted against their will or without their knowledge?

I for one, will not live my life that way. I have to much respect for myself, and I truly wish  that some of you would also.
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13 thoughts on Your rights, internet and Privacy

  • Chrystal 2012/12/26

    Did you have your photo taken when you were a child? Are you in yearbooks? Class photos? Does your mother have photos of you on her wall? How is it any different?

  • TruXter 2012/12/26

    You seriously can’t see the difference between the walls at my mother’s house, and the internet?

  • Chrystal 2012/12/26

    nope….you are not at your mother’s house controlling who can or cannot see your picture. All her friends and family can see them at any time and I’ll bet if they asked her for a copy of it, she would give it to them. Facebook for her acts in the exact same way, just without the hard copies

  • TruXter 2012/12/26

    Grabbing at straws with that.

    Facebook is a place to right click and save. That simple. No fear of being rejected for asking.
    Maybe 3 – 5 people a month at my mother’s home and they know me. but the issue isn’t about me “being scared”.

    It is about the the mass of zombies who are practically scanning their credit card numbers and social security cards and driver’s licenses online to prove they aren’t scared.

    Think of retina scanners. Those are no longer an option. not at all. You will never be able to go a building and scan your retina to enter your own private facility. Have we all not dreamed about that one place that only you can get in? Well that’s gone. your photo is on the internet. hundreds and thousands. You have sacrificed your privacy (from what I can suspect by your responses) to prove that you are not scared to post your picture. to prove something that is useless and not worth what you are giving up instead.

    Neat, your friend that you were just now hanging out with , will see the picture you and that person just took 10 minutes ago. and it is posted on a website that can change it’s terms of service at any time and sell your items in the blink of an eye . and then one day shut the site down, and your items are not backed up.

    If you are not doing it to back them up, then what are you actually doing it for?
    If you are not saving them forever, is it vanity?
    Is it to gloat?
    What is it?

  • Chrystal 2012/12/26

    No, I am not worried about someone cloning me. No, I have never dreamed of having a place that only I have access. No, I am not worried about someone using my picture without consent. These are not things that enter into my mind….ever….mostly because someone would be nuts to want to have a history like mine.

  • Chrystal 2012/12/26

    Every picture I have ever put online is on my pc or phone. NOT every picture I take is posted online. There are WAY more pics of my son online than me and I LOVE being able to see and connect with my friends and family by seeing what they are up to as well. My friend’s son’s and his new cat that live in New York. Wedding pictures of my two friends from middle school that reconnected and got married 25 years later.

  • TruXter 2012/12/26

    The photo portion is’nt all there is to this. It’s the giving up on personal privacy that bothers me and I refuse to do it. I find it a lot like the trend to tattoo one’s self.
    You mark yourself and lack the freedoms as you should have.

  • Chrystal 2012/12/26

    soooooo you don’t pay any bills online?

  • TruXter 2012/12/26

    Just remember.

    This is not about YOU.

    This is about what YOU might not realize you are giving up for this convenience.

  • Chrystal 2012/12/26

    You don’t use checks or credit cards?

  • TruXter 2012/12/26

    So… I should just give up all information to make you leave this be? I would prefer to keep my information, MINE.

    Is it not okay that someone has a moral ground they stand on? or should we all just just try to find some catch 22 connection that negates EVERYONE’S standards?
    Why would you try so hard to tell someone that what they believe, is incorrect?

  • Chrystal 2012/12/26

    I guess I was incorrect in thinking this was open for discussion. Fact is everyone has a different opinion. There is no absolute right or wrong and to believe otherwise is still just an opinion, not a fact.

  • TruXter 2012/12/26

    Open enough. but I am not saying whether or not use I use checks or credit cards.

    There is an absolute wrong. and it can’t be the person who does not give away the right to privacy. because that one won’t/can’t burn you in the end.

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