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New SEO Tactics Seem Spammy

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could you not?

New SEO Tactics Seem Spammy

Posted in : SEO, Web Design, webdesign, website on by : TruXter

Web site SEO tactics have changed in the past 3-5 years. Tactics of getting their sites up front and high traffic that seem to be less than, well let’s say “Honorable”.
I was looking to see why some of my posts have no traffic. I was searching for tips to keep myself fresh and ran into endless posts on the first few pages of my search that were just appalling compared to ethics codes of web design. Such as those annoying popups that people have on their sites that seem to come up when you are trying to leave the site. The popups that say “Wait don’t go just yet” and then offer some pointless coupon to a product that you no longer trust because it seems the site is using some sort of intelligent software that tracks your mouse and is scheduled to come up when you try to close a tab or hit the back button. Well that is in fact what they are doing. So um, yeah, I don’t trust those types of sites and instantly close the tab/page. and you should too.

Weird redefinition of common items. AKA Double Talkin Jive
Infographic – Sounds like a great word that has scales and graphs. Right? nope. Just means Relevant picture that gives the readers a visual of your page.
Responsive site – Means the site changes shapes and size as you use a different display dimension.

Content increases page navigation
Slide shows – The site is designed for images to be seen and the first page is titled “700 top funniest pictures on the internet”. You give it a go and the page loads slow as mud because of all of the Ads populating and the image is the first image leading to a joke. now you have to click the “next” button” which in theory should take you to another page so you can see the rest of the page. Nope just loads the same image with more pre-joke garbage and another 5 minutes of ads loading. Five clicks later you see the joke yet there is still a “next” button, for the next joke. Nope. I am now thoroughly frustrated and will not be back. and wish I could submit your site to a list of sites to be blocked, so I can help prevent people from wasting their time.
No one wants to click through a slide show to eventually get what they came for.

Calling their site a blog when it it’s more of an internet infomercial
Get a link to a site and it is presented to you as a blog but turns out to just be a website selling you get rich quick material, but written in a manor that seems makes you “feel like the writer is just like you”. The writer is not. The writer is just skilled at writing that way.

Hacked accounts spamming social sites
Those links you click that steal your passwords, were created to gather up popular accounts and confirmed accounts and spam links to the followers. Those accounts will stay hacked for weeks, months and sometimes forever. The garbage they post will be to get traffic to junk websites.
Reddit is notorious for having people with multiple accounts upvoting (click the “agree with” button) their own content and then downvoting (disapproval button) all other content submitted with in the same time frame so their content is seen the most.

Click bait
Titles for clicks- Content lacks. “Three guys meet a dragon you won’t believe what happens next”. “Man finds kitten, you won’t believe what happens next”.
How about some content and a title that doesn’t tell me what I will or won’t believe next.

Using apps that “consolidate your work effort” such as contact email blasts and such. Dude that is spam.

Using the pop-ups that say “wait don’t leave until you hear about this”. Dude that is a pop up. stop it. Stop trying to make that a thing. That just makes people leave faster and never come back.

What’s with the new pages looking like MSN 1998 ? No defined lines, just one table in the center of the page.

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