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Security Camera Amazement

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Security Camera Amazement

Posted in : alarm, security on by : TruXter

Sitting at a Houston Fire Alarm company who also does security systems, I was participating in a webinar from VideoIQ I was surprised at the bag of gadgets they had to show. Due to the agreement of watching the video I can’t tell you much about the innovative ground breaking networking device about to come. Just be certain it will cut short all of the issues you face in many large facilities. So keep watching their site for an update.
I can however tell you about the cameras they have on their site with between 160 gb of storage up to 500 gb storage. They call it “Zero-bandwidth recording” Some cameras are capable of up to 1080p 30fps true HD recording.

This will be a great future for HiTech Fire using VideoIQ products. This is the type of thing that customer want, but do not want to pay for. It is the stuff they wish they had when theirĀ  $10 camera takes a fuzzy video and the suspects can not beĀ  identified.