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Brilliant spam – Sandra Sellers

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Brilliant spam – Sandra Sellers

Posted in : internet, internet safety, internet security on by : TruXter

Cool spam, I have no idea how they got my email.
Seems they are getting more and more creative these days.

On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 7:38 PM, wrote:

Dear webmaster,

We, in Ontime-Ads, are glad to offer you payment on behalf of one of our clients for the publication of a small advertisement on genius geeks.com.
We would like to inform you that we are using a few advertising methods according to the selected website.
While reviewing your website I thought of a great way to advertise on geniusgeeks.com so it will fit it perfectly.

For full details please contact me at sandra.sellers@ontime-ads.com.

*If you have other websites which I can review for advertising please send me their URLs as well.

Sandra Sellers
Advertising Specialist
sandra . sellers @ ontime-ads.com

To permanently delete yourself from our list, simply reply to this with a blank email and you will never receive any communication from us in the future.

My response
I don’t know what site you are talking about, and genius geeks has no idea who you are…. your website is nonexistent so. You are a troll and will be posted about online.

I really didn’t talk to the people on geniusgeeks I just stopped by their site and well from the looks of it. They have no reason to advertise me on their site.

For now I will mark this as spam. I am not saying they are spam, I will just shove it in the spam pile till they prove otherwise.

If you can not tell by my post. I do not recommend you use their service. I do not recommend you do not use their service. I do say that it is probably in my best interest if I stay away from them.

If you know anything, please respond.

**Follow up**
Upon Further investigation
There are no records of a Sandra Sellers at any advertising company I could locate.
I see that no one has complained from being ripped off, simply because the scam
is so obvious. It would be in your best interest to get proof of validity.
and it would be in your best interest to not respond to Sandra Seller emails.
If anyone can post the originating i.p. address of this email from Sandra Sellers
or trace route results, it would be much appreciated.

So do you think the Sandra Sellers on time ads is a scam?

10 thoughts on Brilliant spam – Sandra Sellers

  • saiful 2010/10/14

    I also received the same email. still looking for information about this company.

  • Marilyn Brant 2010/10/17

    Thanks for posting about this. A friend got sent a spam letter about advertising on my blog and it’s definitely a phishing scheme. Thank you for confirming it — the wording on my friend’s letter was exactly like the one sent to you, only it used her email address and my blog. I’ll put up a post on my site about it, too.

  • Tom Moog 2010/10/26

    I get about 30 calls a week from people who do a search about this person and subsequently find our site (ontimeads.com) as opposed to her domain (ontime-ads.com). we have received mail for her addressed to our company which includes contracts, checks and other business related mail. We return them to the sender with a brief letter explaining that she is not now, nor has she ever been our employee or a representative of our company. Do not send her ANYTHING. This entity is operating a scam to take your money. If you get an email claiming that she owes you money, request for her to send you a check. If you have any further information about this person, please contact me at (707) Promo VO.

    Thank you.

    Tom Moog
    On Time Advertising Solutions

  • bg 2010/10/28

    I got this email too. It looks fishy.

  • CoffeewithGames 2010/11/25

    I just received it on Thanksgiving! They must work around the clock at ontime-ads!

  • FreeBSD VPS Hosting 2010/11/30

    One more thing that I forgot to mention: for a professional company, you’d expect they give full contact details (mailing address, tel numbers etc). In this case: only an email address
    Take care and ignore these scammer/spammers.

  • Ricky 2011/02/22

    Wow!!! I have no business with the company or the person. It is a scam. Geniusgeeks has no business contact with such a person/company. This is an excellent example of spam.

  • TruXter 2011/02/22

    Hey great to see a response from you guys.
    FYI you have a pretty good running show on your end.
    I took the position to assume that you would not need
    that kind of advertising.
    Good see I was correct.
    Thanks for stopping in for confirmation.

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