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Server Outages sept16-2010

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Server Outages sept16-2010

Posted in : internet, internet provider on by : Tech News

I have been watching servers go down in waves since about 8 am central time. No info yet as to what may be the cause.
IMHO one hub/ major server is down and we are now being temporarily routed through another, and well now we are bottle necking.
but who can tell?
We shall see.

I do know that Internet is not down, just some locations can not be reached.
alexa servers just went down, twitter went down. but twitter could have been nailed by an influx of people saying “WTF?”.
Just saw facebook stumbled also.
Affiliate advertising company website Adbrite.com was down.
We at truxtertech.com were down for about 15 minutes here.

Well, so far there is no message saying what happened. Anyone know? I know this information will not help anything, other than make me stop asking “WTF”.