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T-Mobile Ripping me off again

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T-Mobile Ripping me off again

Posted in : cell phone, cellphone, phone, review on by : TruXter

As anyone who follows anything I write on the web knows, I am buying a house. So I am cutting my costs. One of the cuts is me dropping Unlimited text messaging and internet from my phone. I use T-Mobile. Here is the first bill I received that shows the changes. My bill used to be $95 a month. I am dropping my T-Mobile bill to $39 a month.

After I reduced my phone bill from $95 a month to $39 a month

This is now three times that T-mobile has ripped me off.
T-Mobile Cell Phone Billing These people sure do some shady business. They are worse than the banks and constant over draft fees and shady billing procedures
T-mobile and Me

It would be in my best interest to just drop Tmobile completely. They seem to be out to not just collect the money they bill me for, but what ever in the heck else they can tack on . It almost feels like they are saying ” oh it was an error, but it is saved so we can’t fix it” at least if they said that, I would know the guy on the other end of the phone line isn’t a jerk.

T-Mobile, you are in every sense of the phrase, Killing me. I have been simi Homeless for a while with just a phone and a car. I am about to move into a house and you are billing me with crazy mysterious fees.

Something has to be done about this billing method that T-mobile is doing to me. There has got to bbe other people out there getting the same weird charges to their T-mobile account.

So I called T-mobile. The lady explained to me that I was being charged for the days I used the actual add ons that I used. So I asked ” so my bill got even higher?” She stumbled and mumbled. Then she put me on hold. Now understand that last month I went over by 5 minutes. I have a time limit of 300 minutes, I never use but about 30-60 minutes. So I’m bothered by the 5 minutes over = 305 minutes. When I never use my phone at all. I tried to explain that both of those answers were unacceptable. and the lady responded with ” Well it makes sense if you don’t think about it” I instantly barbled in my head. My words tangled between frustration and laughter at the fact that she just did what they say AT&T does. She said it word for word.

So I asked to speak to someone else who can help me. she said ” Ok I will put you on hold”. Yeah after five minutes of silence I realized she hung up on me. Central time for the call 12:30 noon. march 04 2011. Well my lunch time was wasted.
The second phone call was another lady, I could hear the first lady in teh background coaching her as to what she thought was going on. I am fine with that. So I let that go. In fact it couldn’t hurt for the next lady to be informed somewhat, even if it was a bit off. So I explained my case as taht I am a person who uses less than 100 minutes a month, less than 1000 a year. So for her to say that I tacked up 402 minutes in one month, is clearly an error on their part. I explained that a girl I hadn’t talked to in a year was suddenly in my fave fives again, and that I had to remove her once again last month was a clear sign of an error on their part. The lady sounded like she was frustrated by this statement but trying to keep her cool. Very good. I just do not think she was grasping what I was saying because her comment was “I can assure you that (ex’s name) is not in your fave fives” The lady said ” Assure” like 20 times in less than a minute, about many items. So I had to Assure her that I understand that she is seeing this because I changed it, so the lady repeated it back to me as if she was slightly listening but working on a new response. So I requested she focus on the conversation, and that geeked her out. because I started saying ” I can assure you” after everything I said. She offered me 100 extra minutes to prevent it from happening next month, I told her that will not do, she can give 10000000 extra minutes a month, I am still only going to use 60.
Before the phone call ended I was told that the $45 extra will be taken off the bill. It’s been about 45 minutes and nothing has happened yet. Account still shows 139+ tax.

Rip Off websites say pretty much the same thing as I say. I don’t agree with all of the posts, but some of them are dead on with what I am seeing. Look here
So does T-mobile Suck? Well no, their signal is great and the phones real nice. does T-mobile packages suck? Yes and no. If you land a package that meets all of your needs it’s great, but don’t ever change your service, or that package will be gone for ever. They change the packages all of the time. It’s like a magic cup game they have or something.
Is T-mobile scam? Holding your credit for ransom? I kind of think so. It’s fishy how all three times I tried to reduce my bill, I got nailed with some huge fricken bill of mystery charges.

10 hours later, still nothing on my bill reflecting change still shows a high bill.

Calling customer service is billable call.
That whole automated answering taking forever to get to the next menu, yeah that is billable. So when you call just say “English” wait two seconds say “speak to a representative” and just say “billing”. It knocks off about 7 minutes of menu.

Now 24 hours later I see no reflection of change so I call T-Mobile
Man says he sees nothing that says there was an agreement to knock the $45 off my bill
after some investigating he sees that I shouldn’t be charged and tells me that I am being forwarded to Customer loyalty Department. I was on hold 31 minutes before I hang up to write this.
T-mobile clearly does not care about the customers . and the employees in the answering service, really act like they are some higher power. they are not customer service, they are the ones who just tell you ” pay your bill and shut up, we are never wrong!”.
Tmobile is ripping me off and they do not care.

Now I am calling back.

I was on hold all of about 3 minutes when Melissa picked up the phone. and she said ‘ Hey I see what’s wrong with your account, You guys never go over, I am going to credit your account, this should show within 24-48 hours,sorry for the inconvenience, enjoy your weekend”

8 thoughts on T-Mobile Ripping me off again

  • keon 2011/04/22

    Tmobile keep making me pay to bills I can’t understand

  • safest 2011/05/19

    T-Mobile has taken literally thousands of dollars from me. I went from having a 100 dollar a month phone bill at one point to paying literally 600 dollars in one month. These people promised me to fix my phone bill saying they would change it and it never came. I spoke to every supervisor I could possibly imagine and nobody ever left a note on my account saying what they were doing on the call before hand so it was like a constant loop of reexplaining myself and getting no where.

  • TruXter 2011/05/19

    The whole loop of explaining yourself over and over and over as they transfer you to another person and to yet another person is deeply frustrating. It feels like (not saying it really is this way, just feels like) It feels like they are trying to get you to say “screw it” and hang up on the call, so they can bill you with it and when you call to correct your issue next month, they can legitimately say “hmmph, I have no clue what you are talking about”. Because you know that when you hang up they will say “Well……. I guess he didn’t really want to resolve this, he must be a liar”.

  • Heather 2011/08/11

    I agreed. T-Mobile ripped me off after being their loyal customer for more than five years. I just recently switched to another carrier to save some money. I received my last bill with T-mobile and they charged me for a full month on a one day usage. WTH? I called their customer service hoping this was a mistake on their end but she said “nope”. Basically, whenever you cancel or switch your service, they will bill you for a full amount for that month no matter what. I was told my bill will be prorated before I signed up but now it’s not. I’m so mad and furious with their business practice. Is there a way for me to dispute this?

  • TruXter 2011/08/11

    Sadly enough, I can assume that AT&T will fire off all Tmobile employees in less than a year from the day they legally take over. and somewhere deep down you can all feel justified for this event. Don’t feel bad, because they don’t feel bad when the company they work for is ripping you off, on a monthly basis. With no care or regaurd of wether you have the phone for emergency uses, and now that you are paying $600 a month can not afford to feed your children, or gas your car, or pay a baby sitter so you can go to work to make the money it tkes to feed your family. So yeah.. In a way, I do hope AT&T fires them all.
    What sane bussinessman would want that type of support team answering their phones?

  • ticked off 2011/10/11

    T-mobile is terrible just like Kim K. said. Michael Jackson and T-Mobile,he did not have them, they are terrible and they rip you off. They double billed me and would act like the phone cut off. I should have listened to Kelly Rippa and Catherine Zeta Jones. Charlies Angels and Hawaii Five-Oh plus Bones would be less than impressed. Hollywood rules!! T=Mobile sucks…

  • Jingo 2012/06/12

    T-Mobile ripped me off too. I was charged 46 cents per minute or a fraction of it for overcharges for more than 300 minutes.
    Then they billed me whole month for just 6 days of usage. I would never recommend this mobile company to anyone. On top of this their phone drops and the coverage is very poor. Go the hell to T.Mobile Company.

  • carlwtt 2012/09/02

    Tmobile is ripping me off ! My bill ia getting higher & higher every month ! Last month its 194. & now 300 ! I’m switching services at this moment !

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