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Posted in : advertisement, browser, computer on by : TruXter

Welcome to the Nazi Net. What you thought the internet should be no longer is. What you enjoyed no longer . What you can and will see is up to us.
Microsoft, Linux, Apple and BSD have all banned together with your local internet provider, the only internet provider, comcast. All to cook up similar but slightly different operating systems. The operating systems come with just a web browser. You have no local storage drive. Storage drives have all been removed. You now have Cloud computing. Where all of your software is safely stored at a location far far away. but you can access it at a monthly fee. Our blessed internet provider has put us all on ungodly small bandwidth per week, anyone exceeding that bandwidth will be charged enormous massive fees in small increments in excess of allocated limited amount of downloads a month. So what ever you store in the cloud, better be small.
Now we had to sell it to you by forcing you to believe that it is easier to have Microsoft or Linux or mac do all the maintenance of your computer. So it’s a no hassle computer. and a virus is a thing of the past. Since of course the new internet only lets computers with just a web browser, onto the internet. and the ISP blocks all websites they consider bad. Or who have not paid their monthly “thank you for letting people connect to us” fee.
As time goes by, we will be making it easier for you and easier for you. Our end goal is the WCIS button, never mind what that stands for (What can I See). This wonderful button will bring new media and ideas straight to your computer, educating you about the world and teaching you about your rights. This wonderful button will be the only button on your computer other than the power button. Mouse no longer needed, Keyboard no longer needed. That stuff is too much work anyway. Television and computer melted into one wonderful being (but you will still pay cable fees and internet fees and land line phone fees [why? who uses a landline phone?]). To assure quality levels of our content, you must do a follow up survey for every experience you encounter with our new internet. The questions will be a simple yes or now. one click for yes, two for no. So we can better assure you that we are serving good content. Negative responses or lazy clicking yes to everything, will land you in prison for 5 years, so we mean business, you must participate.
Nazi-Net Innovating the world, making the world a better place. Nazi NEt, single handedly stopped pirating, pedos and terrorists. We’re a good thing. (wink)

The advertisement – Campaign that ends the world. Would be funny if any of that could happen. Or is it already?