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The cat’s away, the rodents will play

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The cat’s away, the rodents will play

Posted in : chat, internet, social networking on by : Game News

Well I was trying to log into live.pirillo via the Wyldryde irc chat connection. I ran into a bit of an issue. Some how the site scrambled my password.

I headed to the help command “/nickserv help”. The list showed that by typing “/nickserv SENDPASS” it would send my password to my email account so I can verify that I typed it properly. If it was not the proper password I would just go ahead and use the password I typoed. but no, that did not happen, the instant replay was “SENDPASS command unavailable because encryption is in use”. I of course humored by the irony of the no/help  post into the chatroom a quote of this error nottice, meanwhile the server keeps changing my name to unidentified, but chatzilla kept trying to sign me back. no less than two seconds after I posted the  statement, a low level moderator decides to tell me it isn’t stupid, then kicks me out of the room. I am shocked that he flipped out instead of helping out, I come back and of course “mouse” decides that he hasn’t proven himself a man yet so he goes on to make threats. I have no idea what has him so hot. So I say in some foul words “untill they removes a person like you from moderation, I will not be coming back” and I leave.. What’s he do???  He goes to an unassociated venue that he and I are both signed for, of course he is a moderator there, and he locks my account  Geek  Pirillo.

Chris clearly does not know this going on and my messages are getting intercepted before they get to him.

Here is the chat log.

> * b has Quit: Client exited
> <romeoxx1> hey
> <Bkil> hi
> <romeoxx1> everyone
> <thisisnotanick> hello
> <HellBoy> Hey guys.
> * Ashryne waves
> <romeoxx1> what is this thing about
> <thisisnotanick> i still got a o-zone song stuck in my head =/
> <Bkil> hi Ashryne
> * TruXter is now known as Unidentified18569
> <Bkil> so…many…ports…to…

> * romeoxx1 has Quit: Client exited
> <Ashryne> Take care everyone. Off to help my sister move.
> <thisisnotanick> have fun
> * joe14 has Quit: Client exited
> <CornishNerd> cya Ashryne :d have fun
> <manmaed> bye
> * Unidentified18569 is now known as TruXter
>  * wicket Changed The Topic To: Topic: Notebooks / Chris is sleeping and
> dreaming about his trip to Asia / Live Video @
> <TruXter> *nickserv*    SENDPASS command unavailable because encryption is
> in use.   <— stupid
> * questiuoner has joined #chris
> <thisisnotanick> encryption is stupid?
> * aghhhhhhhhhhhhha has joined #chris
> <Bkil> no
> * TruXter is now known as Unidentified46735
> <mouse> Not really
> <Bkil> encryption is goood
> <aghhhhhhhhhhhhha> why is chris off air hes never off air ??
> <Bkil> good*
> <Bkil> what is down
> <Pixie> Yes, we know. The stream is down. It will be fixed shortly. Please
> don’t complain about it, as there is nothing we can do to fix it.
> <Unidentified46735> not sending me my password because the security level is
> handled improperly is stupid. and not understanding what I mean was stupid.
> <thisisnotanick> retorical question :P
> <thisisnotanick> Unidentified46735: not sent because its encrypted
> <Bkil> Unidentified46735: its good the passwords are encrypted
> <thisisnotanick> as far as i can see
> * Ashryne is now known as Ashryne[Away]
> <CornishNerd> lol 46738
> <ResidentNerd> Unidentified31080, your password is *******
> <questiuoner> Hello I like computers very well I wanna practise english so
> maybe is here oneone who like talk on skype for example?
> <Bkil> its hashed
> <CornishNerd> 46735*
> <Bkil> it can’t be sent to you
> <nichols15> i hate when my computer hates me
> <Bkil> your password isn’t stored in clear text
> <ResidentNerd> hash != encryption
> <thisisnotanick> Unidentified46735: it doesnt know what your password is so
> to speak
> <nichols15> :(
> <Bkil> so it can’t be sent to you
> * aghhhhhhhhhhhhha has Quit: Client exited
> * Unidentified46735 is now known as TruXter
> <Bkil> ask an 0per to help you
> <mouse> You can drop that attitude right now (lol WHAT???)
> <thisisnotanick> Unidentified46735: when you login with your password, it
> encrypts the one you send and compares the two

> <Bkil> they can send you a new pass
> <questiuoner> who want to talk on skype?
> <mouse> And what he means is he forgot his password, and the server will not
> send it

> * Nico has left #chris
> <TruXter> HAHAHAHA and that means it is stupid. if it can not sen you your
> password, then it shouldn’t store your password and it shouldn’t have the
> option to send you a password
> <Bkil> what?
> <Bkil> you should remember you own pass

> <ResidentNerd> Truxter, lose the attitude
> * TruXter is now known as Unidentified16043
> <Bkil> so you don’t want services to exist? (dude it’s not a service if it does not work)
> <mouse> TruXter Because its not something you like, doenst mean it is stupid
> <Bkil> that is what you are saying
> <Unidentified16043> do ne a favore, type /nickserv help
> * TheDude has joined #chris
> <questiuoner> anyone wanna talk about pc on skype or ventrilo?
> * iniall95 has joined #chris
> * Nico has joined #chris
> <Bkil> I don’t know if its possible to edit the help files for anope
> <thisisnotanick> wb Nico
> <Luma> ok back
> <thisisnotanick> wb
> <iniall95> why aint the stream up?
> <thisisnotanick> brb
> <Unidentified16043> mouse, if mc donald’s drive through had a brick wall
> right after you take your order…. just because you do not like it, does
> not mean it’s stupid.

> <Luma> who here knows of Hanz Zimmer?
> * Unidentified16043 is now known as TruXter
> <Luma> wow what the heck did i miss
> <Nico> tnx thisisnotanick
booted me
> <mouse> I hate people who think like that.
> <Bkil> nothing important
> <Luma> mouse: you should speak to one of my friends lol
> * TruXter has joined #chris
> <CornishNerd> righto peeps i gotta go :D bbl
> <mouse> id kick em in the head.
> * TruXter is now known as Unidentified23617
> * TruXter is now known as Unidentified23617

> <Luma> he always says things like “i think anyone who watches a movie like
> this is stupid”
> <CornishNerd> lol mouse
> <thisisnotanick> a brick wall at every mcdonalds drive through would do the
> world good
> <Highlander> woot!
> <ResidentNerd> Unidentified23617, give it thirty days and it will expire
> <Unidentified23617> mouse, I do not have an additude.   let’s just relaxe
> and you figgure out who I am as the server changes my name every 3 minutes

> <Luma> i try to tell him, thats your opinion and he always goes “no its fact
> its a stupid movie, and the fact that it has topped box office just goes to
> show how stupid everyone is”
> <Luma> mouse, why dont you speak to him? :P
> <CornishNerd> thisisnotanick = well it is a drive-thru…maybe if they give
> u a wall to drive thu it’d be more fun….
> <mouse> Nope i wont relax, and i especially dont take orders
> <Luma> it was a joke lolz
> * TheDude has Quit: Client exited
> * Dawn has Quit: Take my advice. I don’t use it anyway
> <ResidentNerd> and this isn’t the place to go on about resetting your
> password on this network
> * nitrous has Quit: Client exited
> * Dawn has joined #chris
> * CornishNerd *sighs* have fun all
> * ismetteren has Quit: Connection reset by peer
> <thisisnotanick> CornishNerd: lol yeah
> * Milos has Quit: Connection reset by peer
> * compgenius999 has Quit: Connection reset by peer
> <thisisnotanick> cya
> * BladeRunR has Quit: Connection reset by peer
> * ismetteren has joined #chris
> * landorindustries has Quit: Connection reset by peer
> * Milos has joined #chris
> * ijonlive has Quit:
> <Bkil> Unidentified23617: it changes your nick every 1 minute
> <Pixie> You may change your nick by typing /nick followed by the nickname
> you want, and hitting enter. Example: /nick newnickgoeshere
> * BladeRunR has joined #chris
> <Bkil> yes Pixie
> * DataBrokers has Quit: Goodbye
> * pcuser14 has joined #chris
> <Luma> oh right
> * CornishNerd has Quit:
> <ChrisPirillo> what is apple
> <ChrisPirillo> what is mac
> * lalala has joined #chris
> <Pixie> Yes, Chris is surrounded by these particular Apple computers:
> http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-471546-10505522 – get one for yourself, and
> check out the latest coupons for the entire Apple Store:
> http://chris.pirillo.com/2008/11/30/apple-store-cyber-monday-sale/
> * compgenius999 has joined #chris
> <Unidentified23617> ok, then you offer no solution yet you ban because
> someone uses logic to talk to you?   you are a twelve year old with an
> ability to boot people and are more damage than use., untill chris removes a
> tard like you, there is no need in coming here, dumbXXX

> * Unidentified23617 has left #chris
> <Bkil> lol!!
> * landorindustries has joined #chris
> <lalala> ololololfsdfdsfsfsdfd
> <lalala> s
> <pcuser14> whay off air ?
> <Bkil> what is down
> <Pixie> Yes, we know. The stream is down. It will be fixed shortly. Please
> don’t complain about it, as there is nothing we can do to fix it.
> <lalala> sorry my sister ;/
> <HellBoy> o_O
> <Bkil> ty mouse
> <mouse> Kline_Raider may want to talk to your friend.
> <Highlander> wow had their weeties this morning
> <thisisnotanick> this is one of the less strict channels ive been in
> <lalala> of air
> <lalala> off air
> <thisisnotanick> compared to others
> <Bkil> lalala: we know
> <Dawn> amen
> <HellBoy> Ive had stricter SERVERS
> <HellBoy> Lol.
> <mouse> and i didn’t ban anyone till after he left, so whos the idiot?
> <Kline_Raider> do you know what Kline is ?
> <Bkil> 1. we did offer a solution
> <Bkil> 2. you didn’t use logic
> <Bkil> 3. not a good idea to insult people who are trying to help you
(he was not helping)
> <Luma> thisisnotanick: what is the most strict channel you have ever been
> in?
> * pcuser14 has Quit: Client exited
> * matt has joined #chris
> <mouse> and i wont be removed. and im 30 to be exact oh and ive been a
> member almost 10 years

> * lalala has Quit: Client exited
> * Davidmoreen has joined #chris
> <matt> omg hes off air!!!!
> <thisisnotanick> Luma: cant remember, but most larger channels auto kickban
> on many things this does not
> <thisisnotanick> like links
> <Bkil> matt: we know
> <thisisnotanick> even though they are not allowed
> <Bkil> fff
> <Luma> yeah, this place is very balanced
> <Dawn> the thing is when a channel has as many people in it that this one
> does, the ops have to be proactive because if they ever get behind the 8
> ball the channel will devolve into such a mess nobody could chat

> <matt> is he ever off air?
> <thisisnotanick> usually you dont get a second chance
> <Bkil> yes no matt
> <Dawn> i wish some people could understand this
> * matt is now known as Unidentified1569
> <Bkil> now*
> <Luma> what i hate most is when people forget that chatting here is a
> privlidge
> <Bkil> I increased the firewall security on my router, and I think it broke
> ventrilo
> <thisisnotanick> Luma: yup
> <Luma> they dont have to be here just as we dont have to let them be here
> <Bkil> I port forwarded
> <Bkil> but it doesn’t work
> * Unidentified1569 has Quit: Client exited
> <Luma> they feel as if its a service they are paying for or something
> * ExtraNormal has Quit: Ping timeout
> <thisisnotanick> indeed
> <Luma> and all the hops / ops have to treat them with respect
> <Luma> but that usually ends pretty fast
> <Bkil> when they don’t treat other users with respect
> <ConstantNewbie> Luma, I find respect as a weaknesss.
> <Luma> definently
> <iniall95> why aint the live stream online?
> * vizzuttifan has joined #chris
> <Bkil> cuz it is
> <Bkil> we don’t know
> <Luma> my mother works with a man at a school who got angry at her for not
> called him “Sir”
> <iniall95> oh ok
> <Luma> even though my mother is older then him
> <mouse> If I was really mean, I would freeze him on geeks untill he
> appologized. But im nto that mean
(he did it, I’m locked out)
> <ConstantNewbie> I don’t respect anybody online, because they are complete
> strangers.
> <Bkil> lol
> * nichols15 has Quit: Client exited
> * UggZ has Quit:
> <Luma> as if she was some “student” of his
> <Highlander> i get no respect *Cry*
> <Bkil> is he still here?
> <ConstantNewbie> I don’t want any.
> * Joshua{XP} has joined #chris
> <Bkil> lol, his ban is the only one in the list
> * Luma gives Highlander a big tripple chocolate cake because he likes
> Highlander a lot!
> * mjsa has Quit: Client exited
> <mouse> it affects him and Kline_Raider
> <Bkil> aww
> <Kline_Raider> screenshot and emailed.  we all gotta have our proof :-)
> <Bkil> same person?
> * Joshua{XP} has Quit: Connection reset by peer
> * Highlander thinks he should be worried about luma liking him “a lot”
> * RPGM35 has Quit: Connection reset by peer
> <mouse> same ip
> * Milos has Quit: Connection reset by peer
> * landorindustries has Quit: Connection reset by peer
> * ismetteren has Quit: Connection reset by peer
> * compgenius999 has Quit: Connection reset by peer
> <Bkil> wow
> * Joshua{XP} has joined #chris
> * BladeRunR has Quit: Connection reset by peer
> <Luma> oi! lol i mean as a friend
> * jkls|Away is now known as jkls
> * RPGM35 has joined #chris
> * ismetteren has joined #chris
> <Bkil> we are getting a lot of connection resets
> <Highlander> lol
> * Milos has joined #chris
> * BladeRunR has joined #chris
> <ConstantNewbie> mouse, if I am ever banned from here I won’t be appealing,
> because I would rather serve my time anyway.

I also was logged in on another account called “kline_raider”.

I mean I can act a complete fool like anyone and make this really hard on everyone, but I’m not doing this.

I am trying to get it resolved.