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Things Facebook Needs

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Things Facebook Needs

Posted in : chat, networking on by : Tech Review Man

Hey, great place. Facebook is free. I know.
But it isn’t a perfect place.
at first I didn’t mean to log into Facebook and rant to my friends about what I think the place needs. Every single day.
It just happened. Facebook fricken screams for me to notice things about it. some of the things I rant about on Facebook are just jokes and staying with my typical theme. So without further suspense about how I feel about Facebook.

Facebook needs

Facebook needs a media player so I can set my own playlist of crap I like so my friends get a chance to sample it as apposed to flooding up the screen with youtube videos… because … well.. that’s pretty much all you got.
Facebook needs ignore a link. If you keep getting the same link from all of your friends and you do not want to ignore your friends 1 by 1. Would be nice to ignore that link.
Facebook needs a fricken time line. I hate logging in to see the crap I saw yesterday. Every post is 17+ hours old. I have to wait 17 hours before I can see what is going on right now????
Facebook needs a thumbs down button. Really you have to check your friends from time to time. If you constantly post only the positive in anything. Well for one, you are a froot! and mainly you do not point out the flaw in their theory. You do not prevent your friend from jumping in a bear cage, just because they like animals, and think the whole world should be more loving.. KINDA like This.
Facebook needs to get rid of that stupid bar at the bottom of the screen. We hated that bar when AOL forced it on us, we hated that bar when netzero forced it on us. We hate that bar.
Facebook needs in the idea of the bar at the bottom, How about private chatrooms that only our friends and their friends can go in. or something like that.
Facebook needs to actually be social. Nothing worse than trying to meet someone and getting a pop up saying ‘ do you really know this person???” how is it social to only meet people you already know ??????

Well I’m out of stuff for now. You can leave ideas below. Comments are open.