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Trade Your Pc For Apple ?

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Trade Your Pc For Apple ?

Posted in : apple, computer on by : TruXter

Let’s say the offer was there, if the guys at Apple decided to offer you a computer at the exact value of all of your parts for your custom computer all tallied up to get a total value at full perfect value. Would you take this deal? Would you feel as if you are at a gain? or would you feel as if you are at a loss in performance, security, ability, creativity? Would this migration cause you any grief/ Could you make a an easy transfer to the Mac, Apple operating system ?
What operating system would you be changing from ? Windows? Linux? BSD ? Please say which version also ex: windows 98, windows xp, windows vista, windows 7 , fedora, xandros etc.
If Mac announced that they are looking to expand their hardware range by trading your pc and studying your personal combination of devices so they can better write the Apple Operating system for a new assortment of apple computers. Would your participate?
would you offer more money after mac evaluates and fair trades, so that you can get an even better and even newer apple computer?
Would be able to give a fair review of the apple computer you get in swap for your pc ?
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We request you leave a response below as to what you think is good or bad about this. And your take.

One thought on "Trade Your Pc For Apple ?"

  • ian mcmillan 2011/10/12

    I Have windows 7 O/S

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