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Android Apps I Love

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Android Apps I Love

Posted in : cell phone, cellphone, software on by : TruXter


Quick punch of applications on my android phone that I love and enjoy. And a couple android apps that frustrate me.

WordPress – using the latest full install not an update but a full install of the wordpress app, it write now to write this post. Allows you to check statistics now. Excellent application for

MY phone


Facebook – some abilities are limited. Like notifications will minimize fb app and opens browser. Invites crash my fb app.

Twitter – nothing ever seems to work anymore.

Pandora radio – won’t let me sign in anymore via phone. Love the app, can’t use it.

Last.fm – works like a charm, perfect lil music app.

Advanced task killer- let’s you shut off running background programs. Battery saving app.

Opera browser – has very few limitations compared to basic default browser, but many more abilities than default. Looks sharp also.

All barcode scanners with 4+ rating, get em, all usefull.

I hate android alarm clocks. I can never make them go away.