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Warning!!! Facebook Dislike Button – Fake

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  17. Warning!!! Facebook Dislike Button – Fake

Warning!!! Facebook Dislike Button – Fake

Posted in : communication, community, social, social network, social networking, social networking | forum, Social Networks on by : TruXter

This is sort ofr old news but I have some slow friends and I know you do to.
So when you run into one, send them a link to here.
and just to make it so you don’t look like a jerk for sendingthem here, smart people need this information!
There is a link to a “facebook dislike” both website and a button.
They are both fake and do not do what you want them to do.
Here is an old Mashable link that explains the situation better.
Facebook Dislike button is fake.

So if you do not wnat your account spamming something out that is below your taste, and making your om, granny, ex-boyfriend think something about you that you do not want them to think about you.
Don’t think there is a new “Dislike”
It’s not real unless posted on the front page of facebook..

It’s just as much a fake as the old myspace gimmick “see who is reading your page”.
So many people fell for that vanity scam.