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What’s on The Agenda?

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What’s on The Agenda?

Posted in : current event on by : TruXter


So… The one company that claims to have no political affiliation whatsoever, has so agenda when they create a Martin Luther king image with big dumbo ears?
Are they saying that King was as big of a bumbling tool as a guy with big ears?
What exactly are they saying?
Doesn’t everyone already agree that Martin Luther king was his own man and doesn’t need some other guy to hype him up? Is this other guy with big dumbo ears riding his coat tail? is that not disturbing already? “I’m great, look at my advertisements see?”.
If this was on purpose to make another man look equally as brilliant as Martin Luther king, then it is offensive. because there is no one alive with big dumbo ears that compares to King.

So… who needs to be fired for this mess?
Will that person cover their tracks and block me in that site’s search so no one sees this?
Kinda how the past 3 years have been.. So maybe.

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