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Why do Videos Load Faster than Gifs?

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Why do Videos Load Faster than Gifs?

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Why do Videos Load Faster than Gifs?
Codecs. Compression/Decompression is further along for video. a Video is a frame rate of 30 frames per second while a gif is typical 2-4 frames per second for the better gifs. But this leaves for a very large file for your computer to open at a rate of two frames per second. a simple 7 second picture could get up to anywhere around 50 megs or more. While a 50 meg video at a higher image quality can get to 10 minutes (and still be under 50megs). A nice quality single frame gif image is usually up to 2.5 megs. Imagine having 4 frames per second of 2.5 meg images.

At one time, a video on a computer was unimaginable. most computers couldn’t handle it. So, all we had were gifs. Our monitors didn’t display much better than the lowest quality gif, so gifs were just like videos by those standards, only easier to open. but
The Gif was obsoleted when everyone started putting effort into compression/decompression for videos.

but now we have a new generation of computers and computer users. We have mobile device users with screens so small that a gif actually looks decent on them. To the old school crowd, this is horrendous. Simply because they have been down this road.

The whole reason people study “history”.. Is so we don’t repeat it. but oddly enough, it seems every generation wants to pick up the old broken crap and say “I like it, I don’t see why you don’t.. You’re dumb” or. .. standards and i.q. get lower with each generation. Which means my grandpa was pretty dang smart.

Here is a small bit of information
“On June 15, 1987, CompuService, the first major online commercial service in the U.S., introduced the graphics interchange format (GIF). According to a recent Daily Dot article, the first-ever GIF pictured an airplane.”
The word is actually pronounced like “Jif” as apposed to the sound “guh”sound at the beginning.

Codecs for video are better than LZW used for gifs.

Basically, gifs are obsolete files that seem to be a retro trend right now because tiny mobile devices have such small screens you can’t see the flaws in the picture (each frame is a separate picture, for better quality you add more frames) as well as you could if you watched them on your computer.

For a couple seconds of a watchable gif, it takes a whole lot of images that can be barely compressed anymore than they are already at creation before they look like garbage. This makes the file quite large.

Videos can decompress in segments, gifs have to completely download before they are fully watchable. Unless you want the slow-motion version first, while this big hoopty of a file downloads. because you don’t need a media player to run a gif = no pause button, no buffering, no skip.Gifs are either open or closed. They do not buffer the way you understand how videos buffer.

Don’t forget bus rate and processing rate of your video card’s processor and how much temp data your video card can store up per milliseconds in your video card’s memory.


It is my suspicion that the people who make these gifs from perfectly good videos that load and play faster, are the hipsters of reddit.

I saw it first, I saw it so first, I made a gif of it before you saw it and made you sit through a shitty gif before it got shared on your petty site. If you had faster internet, you would love gifs.