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Why Forced Flash Shutdown Is Bad

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Why Forced Flash Shutdown Is Bad

Posted in : internet, internet safety on by : TruXter

Web browsers have taken upon themselves to block the flash on websites with a warning that the website is unsafe. Instead of just putting the notice over the area the flash is in, they put a notification at the top of the page.

Adobe tries to help with a “how to enable flash” walk through but Firefox no longer allows this
The act of closing flash from websites, though the intention of preventing “Viruses” is a great idea, bit it is a false claim to say that flash is the most vulnerable software used on websites.
sure the websites that you get a virus from are most likely using flash. This does not in any sense say that you are getting the virus from flash. If anything you are getting the virus from a tricked up java script.
Some of the simplest viruses can be written in visual basic. And they are likely the utmost common virus injected through the web today.

and yes your HTML5 puffy site is using a VB file at some point.

If you are seeing a GIF as your saving grace from flash. Then you are sadly mistaken. You are just guzzling down unnecessary bandwidth.

This is just a simple push to bring everyone to design HTML5 websites. This stripping the flash use function of the web browsers to make the websites “Responsive” and move everyone to HTML5, is sort of like extortion.
HTML5 and responsive sites, though they look cooler on your cell phone, are less website, less informative. And simply a dumbed down puffy website. You can’t even zoom most html5 websites to see the details.

Simply put, a responsive website is a website dumbed down to work with a cell phone. This is software reducing it’s self to allow the hardware to keep up. This is how you plateau in hardware acceleration. When the software exceeds the ability of the hardware, the hardware must evolve. When the hardware and the software agree to stabilize, no one evolves. If they would have done this years ago we’d still be looking at black screens with yellow/green text. And we’d be happy with that because we couldn’t imagine it getting any better.

Besides, there are far too many websites out there that I have to keep accepting the flash to load because of this 3 ring web browser shun, and it is getting annoying. They could end up upsetting ADOBE and causing a huge court issue of this.

Simply put: it would be like Mcdonalds Taco bell and pizza hutt stopping using card board because it smells less cool. Now we all have to carry our food in wet paper bags because a few kids think it’s the bee’s knees and the next evolution.

Complacency is not evolution.

Let the users chose what they want to see.

How I fixed my Firefox to work with flash again

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