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1 Voice Squelched

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1 Voice Squelched

Posted in : freedom, internet, media, news, online on by : TruXter

I was writing a book a while back “How the internet was won” .
I was explaining what I see happening and what could happen with the internet. Most of it was just me posting ideas and hoping I would go back later and clean it up. but now. I have lost the heart to even try. Because it is all coming true. From monopolizing the internet on us, to spying on us to learn how to confine us. To us making our own internet and hiding in what I called “the outweb”. but it came to a flaw. The way they persecute everyone and say that freedom fighters are identity thieves, The outweb would have been everyone who wanted freedom, but also surrounded with dirty people that no one really wants to associate themselves with. The problem there is we would be forced to censor the outweb, or all be considered “one of them”. You know that mainstream media would have said it was full of graphic illegal images and a bunch of corrupt death fetish freaks.

I’m crushed to say, the whole sopa thing, was just a name to use while they enslave the internet, one group of people at a time, in a manor that doesn’t scare everyone. Since Sopa failed, everything they had in plan, is happening anyway, using other laws to make it happen anyway.

All of these illegal arrests. all of the illegal deportations. All of this seizing of personal property from people who are not even in the country that is persecuting them.

Television tells you now what is cool. Don’t believe me? look at a Facebook. It sucks everyone complains about it yet everyone is still there. And everything on Tv and on the radio promotes Facebook. While Facebook gets your information willingly from you. Where you go, what you do, what you like, who you associate with.

April first 2012, I will be disconnecting myself from the internet. I can’t partake in this free realm gradually become just a media input device. I’m dropping my phone. I am dropping my computers. I am closing down all but three of my websites. They are paid in full for the next seven years. So they will still sit as they are.

Soon, there will be no place for people in countries with insane government, to say “hey, someone helps u, our country isn’t like the mainstream media says it is we are being mistreated” Soon there will be no place for you to sell your own personal music online and make a an income on your works, without signing with some major label that will end up making three times your income while you still make exactly what you would have made without them, because after all, we all know who controls all of this anyway. Don’t we?

I will be back next year to see how things went.

1 voice squelched.

One thought on "1 Voice Squelched"

  • TruXter 2012/04/17

    I have been without internet, for about 4 days now.
    Only online when at work. I have very few passwords that are not memorized (random symbols and letter saved on desktop at home). So I don’t check my emails anymore.
    Phone has been shut off for three days now.
    Only time I log in is at work.
    Seems like I am missing nothing.

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