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Android apps for Fire Alarm and design

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Android apps for Fire Alarm and design

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Android apps for Fire Alarm and design

hd measure instrument – right off. asks you to put in your height. in centimeters. so you will need this page http://www.onlineconversion.com/length_common.htm
You have to be the exact height you stated and your eyes have to be the “regular” position from top of the head. So if your forehead is a bit high, I would suggest you take it down a centimeter or so. You can get a pretty accurate reading . You are measuring the distance from where you stand, to the base of the object across the room. So, if you are measuring the distance to a wall, you need to point the sites on the spot where the wall meets the floor. Once you establish distance, you can then measure height. Works like smart meter but seem much more precise.

measure & sketch – this one has potential for something. but I couldn’t get a measurement. looks more like a designing tool than a measuring. actually looks like you take a photo of a space and start measuring available area to design in. Would be awesome if it would export to autodesk.(if I am correct as to what it does. but really, I haven’t a clue.. couldnt do much more than take a picture of the room.

distance and area measurement didn’t do anything but say “awaiting signal”

smart measure – got it right on the mark. no setting no configuration needed seems to work on the feature that repositions your screen to tell what angel you are holding the phone. the more straight up the phone, the further out. plus an obstructions are sensed by the camera. very nifty. error is you have to consider your distance from the base and the distance to the top and subtract your distance from the base to get the full height.

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