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Built Computer from Spare Parts

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Built Computer from Spare Parts

Posted in : computer, hardware, pc on by : TruXter

I have been hanging on test parts that have been given to me for reviews, and been allowed to keep. So I have held on to them because, who the heck throws away good computer parts?
Again they were all free so they are not top end but they aren’t trash.
So I snapped together a complete computer using an old HP case.
The computer boots up fine.
The parts are now dated a bit. IDE hard drive and a single core 2.5 gig Pentium Processor and an AGP slot on the motherboard.
but the cooling is good and the boot up is fast and smooth. XP operating system.
I am considering making a contest here, or turning the computer into a Roku box type media center.
The computer is currently plugged into my little 19 inch LG tv right next to the cable box and dvd player. Nothing is passing through, like cable, or dvd player. Heck it isn’t even plugged into the internet yet. I may go wifi with this computer. Uncertain yet.
I do have other cases in the garage, but I kind of want to save those for the custom mod cases I will be doing pretty soon. but that case is very heavy. Has to be over 30lbs.

You tell me, just vote yes or no if I should give the computer away in a contest here on the tech review.

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2 thoughts on Built Computer from Spare Parts

  • Hoppy 2011/11/30

    He he he, a love articles like this and there is nothing better than bringing an old clunker back to life.
    I have a spare room that’s full of bits, too many to list but i refuse to part with any of them.

    My dad asked me to build him a little pc recently as he’s retired and has a lot of spare time to kill.
    So i dug out an old P Bell Motherboard which had a Pentium 4 3gig processor, a had tons of old DDR1 Ram lying about so i banged 1.5gig into it, an Nvidia FX5500 card and a 80gb HD..

    Done a clean install of my Nlited XP version and banged in the best Freeware toys on my usb pen.
    Like yourself i was stunned at how quick this little machine ran.
    When a was showing him how to use the programs a kept thinking to myself, where the hell have we gone wrong with today’s machines.

    A must be nostalgic as a swear that wee machine puts a bigger smile on my face than my own rig that i built from scratch.
    The hardware requirements from XP to Vista/7 were a huge jump even by MS standards.

    Anyone else still miss XP the odd time??

  • TruXter 2011/11/30

    That computer, is parts .
    I still have no idea what I will be doing with it. Media center is looking like the best option yet.

    Recently built a website for a realtor, and she is promising to buy my a television around mid January.
    a good media center pc could play out nicely for me.

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